Remarkable achievement in KZN Cycling Development and Transformation

With the help and support of ILanga Newspapers and Mondishanduka Newsprint we have been able to take the BMX development program to the next level by expanding our program to allow more riders and also to give them the focused coaching that was so desperately needed to raise their skill to a level where they can compete at a national level.

In this photo are riders who have achieved podiums at regional and national level in both Novice and Expert class. The number boards you see being held high, are our 17-25yr Expert class where the number on the board represents their overall position in their class in South Africa. I have watched these young riders working hard under the guidance of their coach Tyrone Johns, and their eyes are set on getting to a BMX world cup in either 2012 or 2013!

Blazing up a storm and holding the flag high for the female riders is young Nana Ngcobo who is the current #1 SA Champ in the 9yr old girls class. With Nana as a role model, we have been able to attract more girls down to the program, and they are all eagerly awaiting the start of the 2012 season so they can get their share of action.

We are really excited for 2012 as we have identified 10 schools near Giba Gorge MTB Park who are eager to get involved in the program. We will be looking to find corporate sponsors for each school, so that each school can run a team / program to accommodate 20 kids. There will be a big focus on encouraging girls to race BMX moving forward into 2012.

If any corporate would like to get involved in backing a school in support of creating future cycling super stars, please get in touch with or call 083 307 9046.

Report Written By: Jason Nicol – Giba Gorge