Track Triumph: Cycling South Africa Celebrates Remarkable Achievements of National Team at 2024 CAC Track African Championships”

Cycling South Africa Extends Congratulations to Track National Team on Remarkable Success at CAC Track African Championships

Cycling South Africa expresses heartfelt congratulations to the entire Track National Team for their outstanding achievements at the recently concluded CAC Track African Championships held in Egypt from January 10th to 14th, 2024.

Despite the challenges posed by short notice and the expedited selection process for the team, we are delighted with the impressive results attained. Our riders not only showcased exceptional performance on the track but also demonstrated exemplary conduct off the track, making us immensely proud of their accomplishments.

This year, the format of the competition underwent a change, reducing the number of riders per endurance event from three to two. Regrettably, this modification led to some unfavourable racing dynamics from certain participating nations. Nevertheless, our South African riders consistently set a high racing pace in both the Junior Men and Ladies races.

In the Elite Men’s category, Daniyal Mathews represented Team SA as the sole rider, delivering a commendable performance and securing several medals. Despite the absence of dedicated Sprint riders, our Elite Men dominated the Sprint Competition, with notable victories and medals in various events.

Stephen Salzwedel, the director of the Track Commission, commented on the team’s performance, stating, “Under challenging circumstances, our riders excelled, and we are proud of their achievements.”

The following are the outstanding results achieved by Team SA:

Elite Men:

  • 1st Jean Spies – Sprint 200m
  • 1st Jean Spies – Sprint
  • 1st Jean Spies – Keirin
  • 1st Jean Spies – Team Sprint
  • 2nd Mitchell Sparrow – Sprint 200m
  • 1st Mitchell Sparrow – Team Sprint
  • 5th Daniyal Matthews – Elimination
  • 2nd Daniyal Mathews – Omnium
  • 1st Wikus Myburgh – Time Trial
  • 1st Wikus Myburgh – Team Sprint


Junior Men:

  • 1st Rhys Burell – Madison
  • 1st Rhys Burell – Omnium
  • 1st Rhys Burell – Individual Pursuit
  • 1st Rhys Burell – Keirin
  • 1st Zane Salzwedel – Madison
  • 2nd Zane Salzwedel – Elimination
  • 3rd Zane Salzwedel – 200m Sprint
  • 5th Zane Salzwedel – Keirin
  • 1st Gustav Roller – Omnium
  • 1st Gustav Roller – Scratch
  • 4th Gustav Roller – Individual Pursuit
  • 2nd Morgan Jones – Sprint 200m
  • 1st Morgan Jones – Time Trial
  • 4th Morgan Jones – Scratch


Elite Women:

  • 1st Ainsli De Beer – Keirin
  • 5th Ainsli De Beer – Scratch
  • 2nd Sánnara Grove- Keirin
  • 1st Sannara Grove – Individual Pursuit
  • 1st Sannara Grove – Madison
  • 2nd Sannara Grove – Omnium
  • 2nd Sannara Grove – Elimination (Combined)
  • 1st Dannielle Van Niekerk – Madison
  • 3rd Dannielle Van Niekerk
  • 2nd Dannielle Van Niekerk Scratch



Cycling South Africa commends the resilience, determination, and sportsmanship demonstrated by our athletes during the 2024 CAC African Championships. We extend heartfelt gratitude to all the riders and staff for their unwavering commitment and dedication to the sport, as your hard work has truly made a significant impact. Thank you for your outstanding contributions, and we look forward to continued success in future competitions.




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