Scintillating SA Track Champs action from strong teams

Scintillating action continued at the Westbourne Oval for the third and fourth days of the 2016 South African Track and Para-cycling Championships and it was the turn of the Men’s Track cycling teams to display their strength in the Team Pursuit and Team Sprint races on Wednesday 30 March.

The Junior Men Team Pursuit saw Team VW1 take a commanding victory when riders Anthony Rennie, Joshua van Wyk, Jacques van Niekerk and Jason Oosthuizen beat their rivals over the 4000-metre distance in a time of 4:41.39. The silver medal went to Team East Cape’s Bradley Gouveris, Jarrad Clark, Damean Oosthuizen and Louis Visser in 4:57.11 while Team Western Cape’s Daniyal Matthews, Rainhardt Marais, Ethan Parker and Azhar Abrahams settled for the bronze medal.

A nail-biting race ensued in the Elite Men 4000-metre Team Pursuit where Team Telkom’s Nolan Hoffman, David Maree, Morne van Niekerk and Reynhardt Butler displayed their dominance in a time of 4:36.71 with Team VWE1 (Steven van Heerden, Marco Abrahams, Jean Spies and Calvin Beneke) claiming a silver medal close behind in 4:37.52. The bronze medals went to Western Cape’s Bernard Esterhuizen, Evan Carstens, Theuns van der Bank and Graeme Ockhuis.

The Junior Men’s 750-metre Team Sprint title went to Mixed TS with Damean Oosthuizen, Wade Theunissen and Bradley Gouveris crossing the line in 50.11 seconds, while the Elite Men’s WC team of Jean Smith, Kyle Borchjes and Mathew de Freitas won their race in 50:07 seconds.

Port Elizabeth local Junior rider, Jessica Brown (Team Giant Durbanville) was enjoying racing on her home track again. “It’s going great, I got a second place in the Points and Scratch races.”

At 17-years-old, Brown is the youngest in her group and spends most of her preparation time racing in Bellville. “It depends on the season and which races I am doing but I’m mostly there for the track events in Bellville. I’ll be going through for some training in Bellville, but I’m enjoying racing at home, this is my hometown and I’m used to the track.”

Marco Abrahams (VWE Track Academy) recently moved to Johannesburg from Cape Town to pursue his track cycling. “Being part of the academy, we had trials to be in the Team Pursuit (TP). We rode the TP on Tuesday and got a silver medal losing to Team Telkom by .6 seconds. It was a goal we set to ourselves to get gold because we were the defending champs of last year. The Nationals has been good so far – all the racing has been hard.”

Sixteen-year-old Ashleigh Parsons (Team BestMed ASG) has been enjoying the Championship event, with some great results in the bag. Parsons claimed the 1500 and Individual Pursuit titles and a second place in the Sprint on Wednesday. “Out of the amount of SA’s that I have ridden this has to be one of the best SA’s ever! It has definitely been one of the toughest for me – these girls have kept me on my toes. The vibe has been amazing over the past few days. I’m racing the Points race tomorrow and the Team Sprint and after that we take on the Omnium Champs. I won the Omnium Champs last year and I would like to keep that title again. Everyone is here to win, so of course I want to win. We are also looking to set up some records in the Team Sprint tomorrow so that is one of our goals.”

Ending off the fourth day’s exciting action was the 7.5 kilometre Elite Men’s Scratch race, where defending champion Nolan Hoffman (Team Telkom) asserted his power on the track to successfully defend his title.

Speaking to the latest gold medallist directly after his race, Hoffman said: “PE is always a special place for me to come back to. As an under-16 rider, this is where it all started for me on the track. I’m really impressed to see the big bunches in the young age groups and it shows there’s still that continuation of growth in track cycling and it creates healthy competition amongst the young ones – they are ultimately the future of the sport. As a senior rider now, it is nice to see the growth.

“The major challenge of racing in PE is that the wind is a big factor, which is to be expected on an open track. But it’s been a hotly contested champs across all the disciplines. I think a little bit of road endurance helped me today. I’m happy to have won the Scratch because I was doubtful of my condition after recovering from illness. Being able to win a race in this shape is always nice.”

Newcomer to the track cycling scene, Rickardo Broxham was surprised to get a silver medal in the U16 Boys 1000m Sprint. “I didn't expect anything because this is only my second time on the track. I’m predominantly of a road racer but I came here with my teammate, Keagan (Bontekoning, gold medal winner). I had a little bit of track training before hand and I’ll definitely be back.”

Also competing on the track was C4 Para-cyclist Roxy Burns, Craig Ridgard (C3), Phillo Verlaat (C3), Dane Wilson (C5) and Christian Duvenage (C5), who all took to the 3000m and 4000m Individual Pursuit.

The 2016 SA National Track, Para-cycling and Omnium Championships take place at the Westbourne Cycling Track in Port Elizabeth from Monday 28 March to Sunday 3 April, with the SA Track and Para-cycling Championships running from Monday 28 March to Friday 1 April and the SA Omnium Championships running from Saturday 2 to Sunday 3 April. For more information about the event, click here: or contact


Summary of Results – SA Track and Para-cycling Championships – Day 3 – 30 March 2016

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(Day 4 results to follow)

Elite Women Points Race
1.Elfrieda Wolfaardt 48pts
2.Maroesjka Matthee 27pts
3.Charlene du Preez 24pts

Junior Women Points Race
1.Danielle van Niekerk 20pts
2.Jessica Brown 10pts
3.Anja Gerber 9pts

U10 Boys 1500
1.Allesandro Fanicchi 2:46.34
2.Nathan Hattingh
3.Weylin Meyer

U10 Girls 1500
1.Kyla Uys 2:46.34
2.Emma Swart

U12 Girls 1500
1.Kita Uys 2:34.77
2.Mia Fortuin
3.Megan Meyer

U12 Boys 1500
1.Zakariyyaa Martin 2:24.12
2.Blaise Stainbank
3.Jordan Bold

Junior Men Team Pursuit (4000m)
1.Team VW1 4:41.39
[Anthony Rennie / Joshua van Wyk / Jacques van Niekerk / Jason Oosthuizen]
2.Team East Cape 4:57.11
[Bradley Gouveris / Jarrad Clark / Damean Oosthuizen / Louis Visser]
3.Team Western Cape 5:11.04
[Daniyal Matthews / Rainhardt Marais / Ethan Parker / Azhar Abrahams]

Elite Men Team Pursuit (4000m)
1.Team Telkom 4:36.71
[Nolan Hoffman / David Maree / Morne van Niekerk / Reynhardt Butler]
2.VWE1 4:37.52
[Steven van Heerden / Marco Abrahams / Jean Spies / Calvin Beneke]
3.Western Cape 1 4:40.58
[Bernard Esterhuizen / Evan Carstens / Theuns van der Bank / Graeme Ockhuis]

U14 Girls 1500
1.Chante Olivier 2:34.13
2.Ashleigh Mayhead
3.Mischka Strydom

U14 Boys 1500
1.Dian Janjetich 2:12.92
2.Benjamin Brown
3.Christiaan Klopper

U16 Girls 1500
1.Ashleigh Parsons 3:36.00
2.Kelsey van Schoor
3.Courtney Smit

C4 Women Individual Pursuit (3000m)
1.Roxy Burns 5:10.14

C3 Men Individual Pursuit (3000m)
1.Craig Ridgard 4:27.93
2.Phillo Verlaat 5:30.51

C5 Men Individual Pursuit (4000m)
1.Dane Wilson 5:29.13
2.Christian Duvenage 6:39.06

Junior Women Time Trial (500m)
1.Jennifer Abbot 40.78
2.Anja Gerber 42.34
3.Danielle van Niekerk 43.41

Elite Women Time Trial (500m)
1.Bernette Beyers 37.52
2.Charlene du Preez 39.33
3.Camin Herholdt 40.38

40-44 Men Sprint Final (200m)
1.Chrispin Fourie
2.Riaan Rankin

35+ Women Scratch Race (5km)
1.Amanda Akom 9:25.33
2.Amanda Wray
3.Val Scheppel

Junior Women Scratch Race (5km)
1.Jennifer Abbot 8:16.00
2.Anja Gerber
3.Danielle van Niekerk

Elite Women Scratch Race (10km)
1.Maroesjka Matthee 15:10.74
2.Charlene du Preez
3.Elfriede Wolfaardt

55-59 Men Sprint (200m)
1.Timothy Abbot 12.70
2.Gerrit Schepers
3.Lee Kane

50-54 Men Sprint (200m)
1.Mario Muller 16.42
2.Pierre Slabbert
3.Gregory Gouveris

45-49 Men Sprint (200m)
1.Martin van Wyk 13.20
2.Moses Venceslau
3.Hansie Joubert

35-39 Men Sprint (200m)
1.Gerhardus Fouche 12.26
2.Justin Seale
3.Bradley Sean Smith

U16 Girls Sprint (200m)
1.Kelsey van Schoor
2.Ashleigh Parsons
3.Courtney Smith

Junior Men Sprint (200m)
1.Wade Theunissen
2.Bradley Gouveris
3.Rocco King

Elite Men Sprint (200m)
1.Jean Smith
2.Bernard Esterhuizen
3.Kyles Borchjes

60+ Women Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Ilna Lemmer 3:13.82

55-59 Men Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Neville Ackerman2:35.20
2.George van Rooyen 2:39.28
3.Gerrit Schepers 2:39.35

50-54 Men Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Bruce Viljoen 2:33.75
2.Stuart Abbot 2:38.36
3.Pierre Slabbert 3:04.45

45-49 Men Individual Pursuit (3000m)
1.Martin van Wyk 3:51.87
2.Hansie Joubert 3:58.67
3.Moses Venceslau 4:04.27

Junior Men Team Sprint (750m)
1.Mixed TS 50.11
[Dameon Oosthuizen / Wade Theunissen / Bradley Gouveris]
2.VWE TS1 52.91
[Josh van Wyk / Anthony Rennie / Jacques van Niekerk]
3.WC1 54.81
[Rocco King / Reynhardt Marais / Ethan Parker]

Elite Men Team Sprint (750m)
1.WC A 50.07
[Jean Smith / Kyle Borchjes / Mathew de Freitas]
2.Giant 51.00
[Evan Carstens / Nernard Esterhuizen / Graeme Ockhuis]
3.VWE 52.58
[Timothy Kock / Marco Abrahams / Jared Poulton]

C4 Team Sprint Final
1.Roxy Burns 44.39
2.Juan Odendaal
3.Dane Wilson

U16 Boys Sprint (1000m)
1.Daniel John Skews 13.02
2.Whayde Davids
3.Keagan Bontekoning

40-44 Men Individual Pursuit (3000m)
1.Thys Oosthuizen 3:39.44
2.Jacques Fullard 3:45.39
3.Rezahn Jordaan 4:36.71

35-39 Men Individual Pursuit (3000m)
1.Gerhardus Fouche 3:45.81
2.Bradley Sean Smith 3:53.75
3.Justin Seale 3:57.94

U16 Girls Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Ashleigh Parsons 2:58.79
2.Kelsey van Schoor 2:58.86
3.Courtney Smith 3:01.68

55-59 Women Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Val Scheppel 3:18.74

50-54 Women Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Amanda Akom 3:09.13
2.Riana Berndine Minnaar 3:10.58

45-49 Women Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Martie Joubert 3:02.63