Matthee and Beyers set new Team Sprint National Record

Day five competitors battle the strong winds

Elite Women track specialists Maroesjka Matthee (BestMed ASG) and Bernette Beyers (Team Energas) – Western Cape Team – etched their names in the record books when they posted 37.19 seconds in the Elite Women Team Sprint late on Day four of the 2016 South African Track and Para-cycling Championships at the Westbourne Oval on Thursday 31 March, They toppled the previous record of 37.26 seconds. Also adding his name to the record books was C5 Para-cyclist, Christian Duvenage, who crossed the line in the Time Trial in 1:14.42, smashing the previous record of 1:23.06.

Port Elizabeth’s notorious wind came out to play on the fifth and final day of the Track and Para-cycling Championships with conditions worsening as the day’s activities progressed. Despite the added challenge to the conditions, the competitors came out tops and put on a thrilling display of exciting track racing action.

New National Records for the day went to the younger age groups with the under-10 Boys and Girls, and the under-12 Girls competing in the first ever Team Pursuits in these age groups. In doing so, they have set the National Records and the benchmark for the young stars to challenge in the future.

Emma Swart, Allesandro Fanicchi, Allesio Venceslau and Nathan Hattingh made up a combined boys and girls team to complete the 2000-metre Team Pursuit, finishing in 04:35.14, while Megan Meyer, Torq Beukes, Teagan Meyer and Mia Fortuin raced the under-12 Girls race over the same distance in 03:44.37.

The exciting Elimination and Keirin events were also held on Friday and had spectators glued to their seats.

Team Telkom’s David Maree and Nolan Hoffman were the last men standing in the Elite Men Elimination, with a thrilling sprint finish that went down to the wire, with Maree the victor!

“This is the third time I’ve won it and I’m very happy,” said an ecstatic Maree. “The Elimination is probably the most nerve-racking race for me. The start is where I’m most nervous. I almost got caught out for fourth place, which would’ve been bad but luckily a gap opened up for me. I really enjoy this race - there are nerves and there is speed, it’s great!”

The Keirin discipline added yet another thrilling display of top-notch racing action. Bernette Beyers (Team Energas) beat Maroesjka Matthee (BestMed ASG) and Charlene du Preez (Clover) to take the Elite Women’s title in 14.8 seconds.

“I decided to go early as soon as the bike went off to split it open and bring the strongest with me on the home straight against the wind. I kicked again and held the gap until the end. This is the style of racing that they do in Europe that we need to implement in South African racing. After the race, when I got my breath back, I went back to the last banking to fetch my legs lying there,” she laughed.

Beyers explained that the training course at the UCI World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland, took her track cycling to a new level. “I’m comfortable with the sport and more secure within myself and the experience and knowledge I have gained is life changing. I now understand track cycling races a lot better, how races develop, how to win and what to do to make it to the line first.”

The popular Madison event was initially cancelled due to the excessive winds, which deemed the race unsafe for the cyclists. But the riders insisted that the race be held and that the trophy be taken home for 2016. The Madison was held early on Saturday morning.

Cycling SA President, William Newman, said: “First of all I’d like to congratulate the Eastern Cape Cycling Association for putting on a great 2016 Track Champs event. In all aspects it’s been successful, even the weather has played its part, although it has been windy in some occasions on some days. The racing has been of an extremely high standard. I’ve been really impressed with the number of competitors – I think we had a record entry field this year. It was very good to see heats having to be run for some of the bunch races, like the 1500m. And the big numbers in terms of the younger age categories – the under-10s, under-12s and under-14s. It is very encouraging to see so many youngsters within our sport of track cycling. In terms of the ways things have gone, I think this has been wonderful for the sport of cycling, and its a great opportunity for partners and sponsors to get involved to help us further develop the sport.”

Track cycling is a fundamental part of cycling development and teaches an incredible amount of skill and bicycle control from a very young age. It also provides a safe place for riders to train away from the dangers of the road. Track cycling race meetings, as well as the other cycling disciplines’ race events hosted in South Africa, are all part of build up and in support of the upcoming 2022 Commonwealth Games With each contest held in track cycling, it proves that this essential cycling discipline is very much alive and well in the country.

“In terms of track cycling in the Eastern Cape, I think there is huge potential to have even more events here,” said Newman. “The Eastern Cape is one of the provinces that are quite resourced with tracks, with three tracks within a 10km radius of each other. I’d like to see those tracks being the centres of track development activity. It’s a nice, safe environment to get kids into the sport and to teach them to ride bicycles and I’d like to see some activity beyond National Championships. And also to think a bit bigger, like hosting an international event, bringing the action to the city of Port Elizabeth. It will just grow from strength to strength and it will help our riders in terms of getting qualification points for World Championships and ultimately Olympic Games. Track has been hugely successful, there’s no reason why we can’t continue to have success with the track cycling discipline.”

NOTE: Correction to yesterday’s paragraph about Rickardo Broxam: Newcomer to the track cycling scene, Rickardo Broxham was surprised to win the U16 Boys Scratch race Final. "I didn't expect anything because this is only my second time on the track. I'm predominantly a road racer but I came here with my teammate, Keagan (Bontekoning, silver medal U16 Boys Scratch race). I had a little bit of track training before hand and I'll definitely be back."

The 2016 SA National Track, Para-cycling and Omnium Championships take place at the Westbourne Cycling Track in Port Elizabeth from Monday 28 March to Sunday 3 April. The SA Track and Para-cycling Championships ran from Monday 28 March to Friday 1 April and the SA Omnium Championships run from Saturday 2 to Sunday 3 April. For more information about the event, click here: or contact


Summary of Results – SA Track and Para-cycling Championships – Day 5 –1 April 2016

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U10 Boys and Girls Team Pursuit Final
1.Emma Swart / Allesandro Fanicchi / Alessio Vencesalu / Nathan Hattingh 04:35.14 (New SA Record)

U12 Boys Team Pursuit Final
1.Daniel Grobbelaar / Zakariyyaa Martin / Zareef Green / Eathan Kulsen 3:25.60
2.Jarred Scruby / Keaton Taljard / Keagan Brand / Jordan Bold 3:37.92
3.Simon Ferreira / Etienne Kros / Calin Braans / Bertie Emmet Anderson 3:39.91

U12 Girls Team Pursuit Final
1.Megan Meyer / Torq Beukes / Teagan Meyer / Mia Fortuin 03:44.37 (New SA Record)

U14 Boys Team Pursuit
1.Mixed WC 3:04.72
Keagan van Wyk / Christiaan Klopper / Eric Kros / Dian Janjetich
2.Mixed EC 3:25.60
Benjamin Brown / Keaton Clark / Bradley Bosman / Chanton Perrins

U14 Girls Team Pursuit Final
1.Ashleigh Mayhead 3:20.33
2.Mischka Strydom
3.Chante Olivier

Junior Women Team Pursuit Final
1.Elne Owen / Jennifer Abbot / Jessica Brown / Danielle van Niekerk 6:15.08

Elite Women Team Pursuit
1.Elfriede Wolfaardt / Chante van der Merwe / Bronwyn Abrahams / Maroesjka Matthee 5:32.56
2.Phillipa Baer / Charlene du Preez / Ronet Human / Danielle Norman 5:55.61

Junior Men Scratch Race
1.Jacques van Niekerk 13:37.32
2.Wade Theunissen
3.Joshua van Wyk

Master Women Points Race Final
1.Amanda Wray 15pts
2.Val Scheppel 9pts
3.Amanda Akom 6pts

U14 Boys Points Race Final
1.Bradley Bosman 19pts
2.Dian Janjetich 11pts
3.Chanton Perrins 10pts

U16 Girls Points Race Final
1.Kelsey van Schoor 13pts
2.Courtney Smith 10pts
3.Ashleigh Parsons 7pts

55-59 Men Points Race Final
1.Timothy Abbot 11pts
2.Gerrit Schepers 10pts
3.Wayne Kreunen 5pts

45-54 Men Points Race Final
1.Martin van Wyk 19pts
2.Moses Venceslau 19pts
3.Bruce Viljoen 12pts

35-44 Men Points Race Final
1.Gerhardus Fouche 23pts
2.Thys Oosthuizen 17pts
3.Jacques Fullard 9pts

U16 Boys Points Race Final
1.Rickardo Broxham 46pts
2.Yusuf Evans 27pts
3.Keagan Bontekoning 27pts

Junior Men Elimination Final
1.Jason Oosthuizen
2.Rocco King
3.Wade Theunissen

Elite Men Elimination Final
1.David Maree
2.Nolan Hoffman
3.Evan Carstens

U16 Boys 1500 Final
1.Whayde Davids
2.Yusuf Evans
3.Ammaar Dollie

Junior Women Keirin Final
1.Jennifer Abbot 14.28
2.Jessica Brown
3.Danielle van Niekerk

Elite Women Keirin Final
1.Bernette Beyers 14.8
2.Maroesjka Matthee
3.Charlene du Preez

Junior Men Keirin Final
1.Joshua van Wyk 12.53
2.Wade Theunissen
3.Rocco King

Masters Women Team Pursuit Final
1.Angela Scuby / Amanda Wray / Megan Staples 5:13.61

Elite Men Keirin Final
1.Jean Smith 12.06
2.Jean Spies
3.Gadi Chait

35-44 Men Team Pursuit Final
1.Gerhardus Fouche / Thys Oosthuizen / Hansie Joubert / Jacques Fullard 3:43.30
2.Bradley Sean Smith / Hylton Belitzky / Justin Seale / Rezahn Jordaan 4:07.90
3.Abdul Davids / Hendrick Grobbelaar / Andre Arendse / Chrispin Fourie 4:20.00

45-54 Men Team Pursuit Final
1.Moses Venceslau / Roberto Gnudi / Stuart Abbot / Bruce Viljoen 3:57.65
2.Gregory Gouveris / Mario Muller / Pierre Slabbert / Owen Lloyd 4:29.41

55+ Men Team Pursuit Final
1.Gerrit Schepers / George van Rooyen / Glen Heuvel / Neville Ackerman 4:08.19
2.Ian Loudon / Shaun Emslie / Stephen Marnewick / Jeff Jordaan 4:24.76

Summary of Results – SA Track and Para-cycling Championships – Day 4 – 31 March 2016

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55+ Men Team Sprint Final
1.Gerrit Schepers / Timothy Abbot / Lee Kane 54.47
2.Sven van Straaten / George van Rooyen / Shaun Emslie 58.37
3.Ian Loudon / Jeff Jordaan / Stephen Marnewick 58.85

35+ Men Team Sprint Final
1.Gerhardus Fouche / Jacques Fullard / Hansie Joubert 52.47
2.Hylton Belitzky / Chrispin Fourie / Hendrik Grobbelaar 53.65
3.Justin Seale / Bradley Sean Smith / Rezahn Jordaan 54.00

Junior Men Points Race Final
1.Dylan le Roux 21pts
2.Anthony Rennie 16pts
3.Damean Oosthuizen 15pts

U10 Boys Scratch Race Final
1.Allesandro Fanicchi 5:47.31
2.Nathan Hattingh
3.Weylin Meyer

U10 Girls Scratch Race Final
1.Kyla Uys 5:48.85
2.Emma Swart

U12 Girls Scratch Race Final
1.Kita Uys 4:48.69
2.Mia Fortuin
3.Megan Meyer

U12 Boys Scratch Race Final
1.Blaise Stainbank 5:15.84
2.Zakariyyaa Martin
3.Eathan Kulsen

U14 Girls Scratch Race Final
1.Chante Olivier 4:56.35
2.Ashleigh Mayhead
3.Georgia Dungan

U14 Boys Scratch Race Final
1.Dian Janjetich 8:36.55
2.Benjamin Brown
3.Keagan van Wyk

U16 Girls Scratch Race Final
1.Kelsey van Schoor 9:19.67
2.Ashleigh Parsons
3.Courtney Smith

C4 Women Time Trial Final
1.Roxy Burns 46.71

C3 Men Time Trial Final
1.Juan Odendaal 1:24.19
2.Phillo Verlaat 1:32.75

C5 Men Time Trial Final
1.Christian Duvenage 1:14.42 (New SA Record)
2.Dane Wilson 1:25.74

U16 Boys Team Pursuit Final
1.Daniel John Skews / Keagan Bontekoning / Morne Soule / Rickardo Broxham 3:54.51
2.Whayde Davids / Ammar Dollie / Matthew Fortuin / Yusuf Evans 4:08.82
3.Storm King / Charl Swanepoel / Robert Cheesman-Hooper / Linwell Jansen 4:19.51

U16 Girls Team Pursuit Final
1.Kelsey van Schoor / Courtney Smith / Ashleigh Parsons 2:57.79

50+ Women 1500 Final
1.Amanda Akom 2:25.48
2.Val Scheppel
3.Riana Berndine Minnaar

55-59 Men 1500 Final
1.Timothy Abbot 1:58.58
2.Glen Heuvel
3.Wayne Kreunen

45-54 Men 1500 Final
1.Martin van Wyk 1:58.33
2.Hansie Joubert
3.Moses Venceslau

35-44 Men 1500 Final
1.Thys Oosthuizen 2:11.39
2.Jacques Fullard
3.Justine Seale

Junior Men Time Trial Final
1.Jason Oosthuizen 1:09.40
2.Wade Theunissen 1:11.60
3.Bradley Gouveris 1:11.70

Elite Men Time Trial Final
1.Jean Smith 1:06.19
2.Bernard Esterhuizen 1:07.46
3.Jean Spies 1:07.86

Junior Women Team Sprint
1.Jennifer Abbot / Danielle van Niekerk 40.18
2.Jessica Brown / Jessica Gerber 42.11

Elite Women Team Sprint Final
1.Maroesjka Matthee / Bernette Beyers 37.19 (New SA Record)
2.Elfriede Wolfaardt / Bronwyn Abrahams 41.91
3.Chante van der Merwe / Camin Herholdt 42.09

40-45 Women Team Sprint Final
1.Angela Scruby / Amanda Wray 44.93

55+ Men Scratch Race Final
1.Timothy Abbot 10:27.72
2.Neville Ackerman
3.George van Rooyen

45-54 Men Scratch Race Final
1.Martin van Wyk 10:34.65
2.Bruce Viljoen
3.Moses Venceslau

Elite Men 1500 Final
1.Bernard Esterhuizen 1:49.03
2.Jean Smith
3.Brandon Robin Christians

Junior Men 1500 Final
1.Joshua van Wyk 1:57.96
2.Bradley Gouveris
3.Wade Theunissen

35-44 Men Scratch Race Final
1.Thys Oosthuizen 3:18.88
2.Gerhardus Fouche
3.Jacques Fullard

U16 Men Scratch Race Final
1.Rickardo Broxham
2.Keagan Bontekoning
3.Yusuf Evans

Elite Men Scratch Race Final
1.Nolan Hoffman
2.Evan Carstens
3.Graeme Ockhuis

CORRECTION: Summary of Results – SA Track and Para-cycling Champs – Day 3 – 30 March 2016

U16 Boys Sprint (1000m)
1.Daniel John Skews 13.02
2.Whayde Davids
3.Keagan Bontekoning