Gert Fouche smashes SA national track record once again


Gert Fouche has done it again, by smashing the South African national hour record on a track in Aguascalientes, Mexico – an achievement that he accomplished just last year in South Africa.

The 39-year-old says that this is his last attempt… in this particular age class, that is. As he reaches a new age category of 40-44, who knows if Gert will be back again to challenge the record once again?

“I’ve been cycling all my life and I want to see where my limits are, to see what’s possible, by taking it a step at a time,” says Gert. “It’s a process. I just want to keep getting better, and do this by doing something that seems impossible.”

To add to the accomplishment, Gert is excited to learn that he is 11th of all times on the Unified UCI World List. For some big name riders, like Jens Voigt, there is a great effort with huge team support to achieve a time on the top of the list, including aero testing, custom kit, and so on.

“It’s an achievement in itself to see where I got to with the little resources that I had,” he said. “I knew I would break the record but I didn’t know how to approach it. Just break it? Or see how far I can go. My plan was to be conservative, but I felt good and decided to see if its possible to keep going.”

Gert feels that the training at Hector Norris Park in Gauteng (±1700m), where he set a new record in 2018, helped in terms of the altitude, which was the reason for attempting the records on what is considered the fastest track in the world, in high altitude in Mexico (±1900m).

Gert completed 51.599km (206 laps) in 1 hour. In that hour, he had to choose his gear ratio beforehand, had no water breaks, no computer, could not see any of his performance data, no heart rate monitor, speed or power readings – the only information is a lap counter and every 10 minutes an official calling out out the minutes.

“It is full on, fast-as-you-can-go, raw performance for one complete hour!” Says Gert.

Just prior to setting a new national 1 hour record, Get Fouche also set new records in the 3km and 4km Time Trials.