Call for expressions of interest for the position of Junior High Performance Track Cycling Manager

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Cycling South Africa hereby calls for expressions of interest to be submitted to the Federation for the position of Junior High Performance Track Cycling Manager.

Note: This is an unpaid volunteer position.

However, the possibility of travel costs and expenses being reimbursed, (to events such as Junior World Track Cycling Championships and African Continental Track Cycling Championships) exists through various application processes such as with DCAS, and these processes and applications would need to be submitted by the manager themselves.

All nominees are required to provide the following information for submission before an appointed panel for short listing.

  • A comprehensive CV and cover letter that addresses the requirements of the position outlined below.
  • Cycling South Africa coaching license of “Level 2” or higher.
  • Letter of support from your Provincial Cycling Structures and or region.

All short-listed candidates will be submitted to the “panel” for consideration with final approval of the appointment to be made by Executive Committee at a date and venue to be confirmed in April 2018.

Applications must be submitted by 12:00 on 19 March 2018.


  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Good organisation skills.
  • The ability to be objective and without bias or favouritism.
  • Ability to be a leader and make difficult or challenging decisions.
  • Ability to successfully work in a team.
  • Co-ordinate resources, including money, time, people and equipment.
  • Must be able to organise and direct operations and to effectively communicate their objectives.
  • Good computer skills such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.
  • Highly motivated and goal oriented with the ability to plan ahead.
  • Minimum of three years’ experience coaching Track Cycling at the provincial or regional level, with valid results of athletic performance.


Through the tasks below, create a “High Performance Plan” that will elevate the National standard of junior track cycling in South Africa to whereby we can be competitive on the International stage.

  • Partner with experts in the field of High Performance / Sports Science.
  • Embrace technology and other innovative training methods.
  • Network with other International Coaches and Federations.
  • Facilitate opportunities for our riders to compete internationally.
  • Provide a transparent pathway of progression, for our athletes.
  • Partner with local / National companies to foster future support for South African Junior Track Cycling.


1.     Development of a Progressive Performance Plan:

1.1.   Develop a set of “Time Standards” for our athletes to use as an accurate measuring stick, to compare their performances to those of the World’s best juniors.

1.2.   These “Time Standards” should reflect where the world’s best are verses where we currently are as a Nation on the World stage.

1.3.   Lastly the “Time Standards” should provide a target time that is an attainable midway goal between where we are now, and the best in the world.

1.4.   Establish a list of junior riders who are interested in being part of the Junior High Performance Plan.

2.     Development of a National Race Series:

2.1.   Develop a Junior National Track Race Series that will encourage riders to travel to the four corners of the country to compete against one another, and thus help raise the National depth of field.

2.2.   This National Race Series should try to include events in as many different provinces as possible, so as to encourage fairness when it comes to trades commitment, but also so that it brings newer riders from different provinces to local velodromes, and thus raises competition.

2.3.   This National Race Series should be scored on a Traditional Omnium Series to determine:

2.3.1.The best sprinters in the country.
2.3.2.The best endurance riders in the country.
2.3.3.The best overall riders in the country.

3.     Selection Criteria:

3.1.   Create an entirely objective selection process that will be void of favouritism or bias.

3.2.   The selection process should use results and time standards only and have no official selectors.

3.3.   The selection process must be transparent and available for anyone who would like to see it.

4.     Setting Up a Communication Network:

4.1.   A communication network needs to be established between the Junior High Performance Track Manager and the Head of Track Cycling South Africa.

4.2.   A communication network needs to be established between the Junior High Performance Track Manager and junior riders who are interested in being considered for National Team Selection.

4.3.   A transparent monthly newsletter with up-dates on the “State of Junior Track Cycling” must be provided to Cycling South Africa that may or may not be published on their website.

5.     Rider Development and Coaching:

5.1.   Once riders are listed as part of the “Junior High Performance Track Cycling Program”, the manager needs to be available to connect these riders with local coaches in their area who can assist them in progressing locally.

5.2.   Constant contact and guidance must be provided to these riders, with reminders of up-coming events and up-to-date standings of the National Race Series.

5.3.   Once riders have been selected for either Junior Worlds or African Continental Track Championships, a National Training Camp must be established to sharpen form and work on tactics and specificity to ensure the best possible performance by our athletes at these tournaments.

If you require any further information to aid you in the application process, please contact Gregory van Heerden on