Johannesburg Grand Prix takes on new identity









The Johannesburg Grand Prix for 2018 took on a new identity with assistance from a very generous sponsor Dunkeld Cycles. The Grand Prix for many years has been a relatively small event that attracts local Gauteng riders as well as a few participants from around the country.

On the day Jumping castles, face painting and food stalls as well as a great presence from Audi Centre JHB, Squishy bags and other sponsors like Modcon Precasts, ASD Solutions, VWE Track Academy, Richard Baxter, Panda Sportswear, Cyclone Sportswear and TC Training Systems ensured that there were prizes galore for the top performers and young riders.

With Commonwealth representatives Joshua Van Wyk, Nolan Hoffman, David Maree, Gert Fouche and Steven Van Heerden ensuring some exciting racing in the endurance events where speeds in excess of 60km/h in a few of the races were recorded.

We also had Jean Spies current top 30 in the world Sprint rider and Jean Smith multiple South African Sprint champion going head to head in the various events the day was action packed on and off the track.

A notable return to racing was multiple ex national champion Michael Thompson jnr who is the current National 1500m record holder (1:33,44), although his record didn’t fall on Saturday he watched an elite bunch of 30 strong riders strung out in a flat box sprint for 1500m and coming short of the record by just over 2 seconds (1:35,51).

On the Ladies side we had three Commonwealth games representatives in Elfriede Wolfaardt, Danielle Van Niekerk and Ilse Bole showing some exceptional class on the track as well as multiple SA champ Maroesjka Mathee making her comeback to the national track scene after a sabbatical where she focussed on road racing abroad.

Maroesjka Mathee ensured a clean sweep in the ladies racing category showing a clean pair of heels after her racing abroad.

With Chante Olivier and Kita Uys being the only U15 and U17 ladies riders in the event the race organisers opened up the Ladies category to ensure that these young ladies were able to gain experience with the older and slightly faster category. Kita Uys showing us that it doesn’t matter what gear you are riding or what equipment you have on your bike due to restrictions placed on younger riders to ensure fair play, Kita was awarded with the best U17 rider of the event for her two podiums in the sprint event and the 1500.

Our Youth of the track were given the opportunity to showcase what the future of South African cycling has got to look forward to and the crowd rivalled the noise level of the Paarl Boxing Day races for every single youth event. Seeing so many riders under the age of 17 at a track event that was not specifically targeted at getting the youth on the track definitely bodes well for the future of track cycling.

Event photos can be found via the following websites: and through Owen Lloyd or Team Intellibus on facebook.

Source: Event race report supplied by Tim Kock

Summary of Results

Download full results here:

Elite Men

Scratch Race 15km

  1. Nolan Hoffman

  2. Steven Van Heerden

  3. Joshua Van Wyk

Points Race

  1. Steven Van Heerden (24 points)

  2. Nolan Hoffman (18 points)

  3. David Maree (12 points)

  4. Gert Fouche (10 Points)

1500m (1:35,51)

  1. Jean Spies

  2. Joshua Van Wyk

  3. Bernard Estherhuisen

Open Men’s Sprint

  1. Jean Spies (10.56s)

  2. Jean Smith (10.99s)

  3. Wayde Theunnissen (11.59s)

Open Men’s Kierin

  1. Jean Spies

  2. Bernard Estherhuisen

  3. Graeme Okhuis

Open Men’s Madison

  1. Team BCX, Van Heerden/Hoffman (82 points)

  2. Team BCX/Officeguru, Josh Van Wyk/Maree (39 Points)

  3. Alpha Bodyworks Giant 1, Brandon Christians/Bronwin Adams (23 points)


Scratch Race

  1. Maroesjka Matthee

  2. Ilse Bole

  3. Jodi Zulberg

Points Race

  1. Maroesjka Matthee (25 points)

  2. Ilse Bole (15 points)

  3. Victoria Bester (12 points)

  4. Danielle Van Niekerk (7 points)


  1. Maroesjka Matthee

  2. Claudia Gnudi

  3. Kita Uys *

Open Ladies Sprint

  1. Maroesjka Mathee

  2. Marilize Roller

  3. Kita Uys *

Open Ladies Kierin

  1. Maroesjka Mathee

  2. Victoria Bester

  3. Magdalene Nicholson