Team Announcement for African Continental Track Cycling Championships

Cycling South Africa is delighted to unveil the lineup of athletes set to represent the nation at the upcoming African Continental Track Cycling Championships. Scheduled to unfold in Cairo, Egypt, from January 10-14, this prestigious event will showcase the powers of our talented riders.

Team Announcement:

Elite Men:

  • Jean Spies
  • Wikus Myburg
  • Mitch Sparrow
  • James Swart (Non-Traveling Reserve)
  • Carl Bonthuys
  • Dillon Geary
  • Daniyal Matthews
  • Wynand Hofmeyr
  • Benino Hans
  • Carlo Engelbreght


Junior Men:

  • Rhys Burrell
  • Gustav Roller
  • Zane Salzwedel
  • Morgan Jones
  • Xander Erasmus (Non-Traveling Reserve)

Elite Women:

  • S’anarra Grove
  • Kerry Jonker
  • Danielle van Niekerk
  • Jesse Woods
  • Ainslee de Beer
  • Charlissa Schultz (Non-Traveling Reserve)


  • Ian Goetham – Manager & Mechanic
  • Mark Louw – Manager
  • Sonja Schultz – Manager and Safeguarding Officer


As the team embarks on their journey, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a successful preparation period leading up to the championship and wish our best of luck for the exciting events that await.




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