Shape the Future: Call for South African Road Rider Representative – Join Us in Enhancing Cycling Community Governance and Advocacy

Dear Members of Cycling SA,

Cycling South Africa is extending an invitation to passionate individuals who wish to apply for the voluntary  position of South African Road Rider Representative

To be eligible, candidates must be active members of Cycling SA. After the vetting process, the names of qualified candidates will be announced and published, and the voting period is scheduled for 04 February 2024

We urge all eligible members to consider this opportunity and actively engage in the nomination and voting process. Your involvement is pivotal in shaping the representation for South African Riders ..

The Rider Representative for Road Discipline will play a crucial role within the Riders Commission, acting as a consultee representative on behalf of all cyclists. This includes members engaged in social and recreational riding, developing cyclists, competitive racing in South Africa, international competition, and those holding licenses through Continental Teams, Professional Continental, and Pro Tour Teams.

Roles of the Rider Representative for Road Discipline include:

  1. Advocating for an athlete code of conduct to cultivate cyclists as role models.
  2. Establishing an effective forum for cyclists to voice concerns and grievances related to their careers.
  3. Engaging with cyclists regularly to understand changing dynamics and bringing relevant matters to the attention of Discipline Commissions and the Executive Board.
  4. Representing the Riders Commission at the Annual General Assembly.
  5. Discouraging and preventing detrimental actions to cycling and cyclists’ interests.
  6. Fostering good fellowship among cyclists and ensuring effective communication of Cycling SA’s strategic intent and purpose.
  7. Making recommendations to the Executive Board to enhance the role and rights of athletes in all cycling disciplines.
  8. Promoting ethics and fair play rules at all levels of cycling.
  9. Acting as ambassadors and role models for all cycling disciplines and levels.
  10. Hosting workshops and cycling forums at major events to interact directly with cyclists and voice their concerns.
  11. Submitting an annual report on the various tasks of the Commission.


The Rider’s Commission will convene monthly, with meetings conducted in person, via teleconference, or another electronic medium. Minutes and recommendations resulting from meetings must be submitted to the Secretary General of Cycling SA within seven (7) days following each meeting for record keeping and good governance

Seize this opportunity to actively contribute to the cycling community and represent the interests of South African riders on the road. Submit your CV by January 25 2024, to  and be a part of shaping the future of cycling in our country.










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