Route Safety Enhancements: Preparations for a Safe National Championships Road Race

In the recent pre-event meeting, discussions centred around route direction and safety for the upcoming National Championships Road race. The Organizing Committee and LOC expressed concerns regarding certain aspects of the planned route. Consequently, Cycling South Africa, in collaboration with the Midvaal Municipality, deliberated on these concerns and made a collective decision to alter all route directions.

Considering the significant number of riders expected to familiarize themselves with the route before the championships, and the associated safety risks, it was imperative to make changes. Riding the Suikerbosrand nature reserve route anticlockwise poses hazards to both riders and motorists. Therefore, changing the route direction mitigates potential accidents and aligns with reserve regulations.

Additionally, adjustments to the John Bosco loop direction were made to enhance safety and streamline traffic flow, particularly around the feed/tech zone. Cycling South Africa acknowledges that these alterations may inconvenience riders’ preparation efforts and extends sincere apologies for any disruptions caused. However, these decisions prioritize rider safety and event success.

Cycling South Africa values, you’re understanding and cooperation, anticipating a fruitful and safe National Championships event.




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