Youngsters get a taste of European Racing

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Story by: Elrick Kulsen and Ian Goetham

10 young upcoming riders were given the opportunity to race in Belgium for 2 weeks. The two Academy coaches, Elrick Kulsen & Ian Goetham accompanied the group on this incredible experience. The main issue was the cost for such a trip.

SELF-FUNDED: Each individual covered all his / her expenses. The riders really put in a great effort to get the necessary experience and develop themselves.

BUT this venture was definitely worth it – THE EXPERIENCE WAS AN EYE OPENER AND THE YOUNGSTERS WERE INTRODUCED TO TOP CLASS INTERNATIONAL RACING. Racing was hard and the riders improved with every race. They definitely learnt a lot during the short time in Belgium. 

It is well-known that young riders are travelling to Europe to gain valuable experience in road racing. Belgium is part of the heart beat of cycling. Two weeks were definitely too short to get in enough racing and come back to South Africa and apply it here in local events. 

The group of riders included U15 / U17 and Junior (U19) riders. 

RACING SCHEDULE: The main Event was the 3 day International Youth Cycling Tour, but we tried to do as many race as possible during the short 2 weeks in Belgium. 

The ideal is to stay for a minimum of 4 weeks. This will give the youngsters to adapt and grow with regards to skills and race pace. 

It is our goal as Cape Winelands Cycling to take riders to Europe each year during the June / July school holidays.