Restrictions pertaining to Road Cycling: Youth, U15, U13, U11

SARC17-Day4-DoubleST-IMG_3897 (1).jpg
  • Restricted to a standard bike, standard handlebars (not aerodynamic), wheels with a maximum rim depth of 50mm, a minimum of 16 spokes to a maximum of 40 spokes. Spokes could be round, flattened or oval to a maximum width of 10mm.
  • All wheels must conform to the UCI’s “List of Approved Wheels” Version on 22.02.2017.
  • Standard frame and standard handlebars includes carbon fibre but it is important that the handlebars should not have an aerodynamic shape.
  • The helmet must be a standard helmet without a visor.
  • Youth riders U17 are only restricted to gear restrictions to a distance of equal to and not more than 6,897 metres.

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