Road Cover paints the town red on first day of Summer Series

The cold and wet conditions of the first day of the 2017 KZN Summer Series for Men did nothing to dampen the spirits of the tenacious riders who contributed to an excellent display of road racing action in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday 25 March.

Team Road Cover’s Brendon Davids made a staggering break and took it all the way to the finish when he outrode teammates Kent Main and Clint Hendricks to take the overall victory. Main and Hendricks crossed the finish line in second and third respectively to round off the all-red podium.

Davids broke the day down: “The race planned out with a couple of our teammates heading off early – three of them to be exact. We were represented well there with Clint Hendricks – Cape Town Cycle Tour defending Champion, Kent Main and Bradley Potgieter. I missed that move.”

Main, Potgieter and Hendriks stuck it out with the front break of nine riders for most of the race.

56km into the race, Chris Jooste and Davids joined a small breakaway to catch the leaders. “The goal for today was to get one of us across the line first,” said Davids. “The main rider we were riding for was Clint Hendricks. We were confident in his sprint should it come down to a bunch sprint and he’s strong enough to get over the climbs. He was the one we were riding for,” he added.

Davids and his teammates began making digs at the riders in the breakaway, trying to initiate an attack. “Eventually I came on the flyer from behind and the guys hesitated for a short while. I pinned my ears back from there and really went for it.”

Davids began to gain close to one minute ahead of the leaders. “It was then when I started believing, ‘man, I think I could really win this race’. I didn’t know but behind me, my two teammates Clint and Kent were trying to bridge the gap. I’m really happy with the results,” he added.

Looking forward to tomorrow, Davids feels that Sunday’s race will suit him better than today’s. “Today was a great race and a great route. It was really cool to go out and make use of the terrain out of the city centre. It was a winning decision by the organisers,” he concluded.

Other excellent riding was displayed by Team BCX’s Calvin Beneke, Myles van Musschenbroek, Jayde Julius and Brandon Downes, who all contributed to an excellent lead bunch from early on in the race.

In the Junior race, Team Infinita’s Callum Ormiston took the top honours after an outstanding breakaway in the last to beat Jean-Pierre Lloyd and teammate Esias Joubert in a time of two hours and 27 minutes and 14.922 seconds. He said: “Today we had team tactics to make sure that no breakaway would go with all the top guys. We had to make sure that we closed every break.”

Ormiston said that the team rode well together. “I saw that a lot of people were hurting on the last hill. I guess I saw this as my opportunity and I just took it. It just worked out,” he said.

When chatting about his win, he said: “I’m so happy that we managed to get two of our guys from Infinita onto the Podium today. Hopefully we would be able to have three on the podium tomorrow.”


Elite Men

1.Brendon Davids 2:13:249.286
2.Kent Main 2:14:34.258
3.Clint Hendricks 2:14:34.456
4.Calvin Beneke 2:15:28.349
5.Jayde Julius 2:15:28.555
6.Brandon Downes 2:15:28.621
7.Bradley Potgieter 2:15:28.897
8.Chris Jooste 2:15:29.181
9.Myles van Musschenbroek 2:15:34.285
10.Ivan Venter 2:18:24.884

Junior Men

1.Callum Ormiston 2:27:14.922
2.Jean-Pierre Lloyd 2:28:09.929
3.Esias Joubert 2:28:10.062
4.Devin Shortt 2:28:10.263
5.Demarco Pillay 2:28:11.649
6.Kegan Bontekoning 2:28:25.
7.Ruben Hellberg 2:28:25.048
8.Cian Leveridge 2:28:35.910
9.Daniyal Mathews 2:28:55.579

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