Slingerland grabs monster time at Day 2 of SA Road Champs

As the wind came up in the Western Cape on Wednesday afternoon, it proved itself to be a massive challenge for the Masters Men and Women who had to battle against it in their Time Trials on day two of the 2017 South African National Road and Para-cycling Championships in Wellington on Wednesday 8 February.

After three years of taking the second spot behind Desray Sebregts, Bianca Holtzkampf “finally” took the victory in the Women’s 35-39 Time Trial (27.1 kilometres) in what she described as a “very special” race. “Wow, what can I say – it was an unbelievably amazing day. What a wonderful and titanic Time Trial,” she said.

Holtzkampf described how elated she was feeling after taking the win: “Its such an incredible feeling. Desray is a phenomenal rider, and after three years of trying to get up on the top step, I finally did it. It’s taken months and months of hard work and it’s a really specially moment for me.”

The fastest woman on two wheels overall in yesterday’s afternoon session was Cashandra Slingerland, who claimed the top podium position in the Women’s 40-44 category close to five minutes over second placed Elfriede Wolfhaardt.

“It was an absolutely awesome race – I absolutely loved it,” said Slingerland. The Cycle Nation rider mentioned that the narrowest wheels possible were her way of battling the howling Western Cape gale, which arrived soon before the start of her category’s event.

Eulali van der Vyver held her composure to secure the Women’s 30-34 title ahead of Engela Conradie when she completed 27.1km in a time of 50:19.659, while Jodi Zulberg claimed the Women’s 45-49 victory in 49:12.085 over the same distance. Elizabeth Janse van Rensburg fired out of the starting blocks and finished her 14.4km race in 26:11.889 and Lynette Fischer won the Women’s 50-54 race in a time of 28:46.970. In the 60+ category, Jillian Edwardes completed her 14.4km lap in a time of 30:24.733.

Charles Nienaber was victorious in the Men’s 55-59 Time Trial, completing the 27.1km route in 43:06.513, while Paul Furbank stamped his authority in the Men’s 60-64 race with a winning time of 42:49.782. John Moss held his nerve to claim the Men’s 70-74 title over 14.4km ahead of Roger Rennie by four seconds, posting a winning time of 26:56.667. William Morgan secured the national title in the Men 75-79 race, claiming the prize in a time of 28:27.469. The most experienced rider on the route yesterday was 82-year-old Arthur Duncan, proved that age is just a number when he crossed the line in a time of 40:11.609 over the 14.4km distance.

In the Men’s 65-69 (14.4km), Noel Ziady claimed the gold medal pipping road-cycling stalwart, Francois du Toit to the post. “Today went, well, obviously very well for me. I had been told that I would be facing some very formidable cyclists, so I had to do my homework. I’m very happy with how the day ended,” he said.

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TIME TRIAL (Afternoon Session)

Men 55-59

1.     Charles Nienaber 43:06.513

2.     Anthony Bennett 43:24.903

3.     Bill Nicolson 44:13.539

4.     Anton Rossouw 45:41.827

5.     Gavin Brown 46:25.090

Men 60-64

1.     Paul Furbank 42:49.782

2.     Wimpie van der Merwe 45:38.606

3.     Errol Pretorius 47:30.894

4.     Cobus Slabbert 48:36.565

Women 30-34

1.     Eulali van der Vyver 50:19.659

2.     Engela Conradie 50:32.135

3.     Tanya Sanel Barnes 56:33:505

Women 35-39

1.     Bianca Holtzkampf 47:19.230

2.     Desray Segbrets 47:20.389

3.     Lahane Oosthuizen 56:33.505

Women’s 40-44

1.     Cashandra Slingerland 45:22.220

2.     Elfriede Wolfhaardt 50:14.610

3.     Marinda Engelbrecht 51:02.003

4.     Nadia Visser 51:14.048

Women’s 45-49

1.     Jodi Zulberg 49:12.085

2.     Yvette Negrine 50:22.649

Men’s 65-69

1.     Noel Ziady 23:14.471

2.     Francois du Toit 24:39.475

3.     Henry Fagan 25:40.455

4.     Mike Lombard 25:43.334

Men’s 70-74

1.     John Moss 26:56.667

2.     Roger Rennie 27:00.889

3.     Lochi Lochner 27:47.579

4.     Jan van der Berg 30:03.331

Women’s 50-54

1.     Elizabeth Janse van Rensburg 26:11.889

2.     Christian Brenzel 27:41.165

3.     Paula Borner 28:07.006

4.     Jillian Jacobs 28:43.846

5.     Christa Marie Louise Botha 31:00.741

Women’s 55-59

1.     Lynette Fischer 28:46.970

2.     Sonet Matheson 23:43.322

Women’s 60+

1.     Jillian Edwardes 30:24.733

Men’s 75-79

1.     William Morgan 28:27.469

2.     Ian Gordon 32:11.865

Men’s 80+

1.     Arthur Duncan 40:11.609