Masters brave heat winds at SA Champs

The Boland sun took no prisoners for the Masters riders in their Road Races on Day 4, 5 and 6 of the 2017 SA National Road Championships in the Western Cape from 10-12 February.

Temperatures on Friday out on the course were recorded at 54 degrees Celsius, and midday races were postponed until 15:00pm. Temperatures for the rest of the weekend were slightly lower, but still reaching into the forties.

In the Women’s 55-59 Category, Cathy Carstens finished first across the line in not only her category, but also the overall Women’s 50-59 group, and absolutely loved her race. “It was so awesome,” she said.

“It was a big challenge for me, because the last championships I entered was close to seven years ago, but was cancelled. So it was really exciting, and also because the 50-54 group of ladies were very competitive, so it was a great race," she added.

Also riding on Friday's heat, were the U17 Boys. Matthew Fortuin claimed the gold medal in this category, found the race very tough. "There were a lot of attacks. We had to close it down as quickly as possible. The last 5km was intense because lots of people tried to break away and get an advantage over the bunch. I managed to close the last three attacks down with 3km to go, and kept it together until the line," he said. 

Fortuin also mentioned that he trains on his bike in the heat, and so the soaring temperatures were no issue for him.

Saturday's race witnessed the excellent display of racing from the Men 50-59 categories, and Women 30-49 classes.

On Sunday, current World Champion Deno van Heerden claimed the gold medal for the 35-39 category and crossed the line overall in the Men’s 30-39 bunch. In the Men’s 30-34 group, Franco Ferreira won the gold in his race.

In the Men's 40-44 Road Race, David Garrett, who won the Tandem Mixed Race with teammate Susan Melmed on Friday, claimed the gold medal on Sunday as well. 

"Sunday's race went well, I enjoyed it," said Garrett. "Friday's Tandem was very hot. We were very lucky to have an earlier start time, because it was already 38 degrees at 10:30am," he added.

Garrett - a Capetonian himself - is no stranger to the hot, dry and windy summer conditions. "Again, having an earlier race definitely helped us out, we managed to escape the heat and afternoon gales," he concluded.

Tandem Mixed
Garrett and Melmed 2:50:32.248
Basson and Smit 3:00:48.862
Laubscher and Rossouw 3:02:24.470

Tandem Men
Joseph and Robertson 2:32:29.723
Koekemoer and Krige 2:33:52.603
Barske and De Gouveia 2:38:24.979

Women 30-34
Siska van der Bijl 3:19:58.056
Annemie Koen 3:20:00.036
Lauren Coleman 3:20:00.663

Women 35-39
Desray Segbrets 3:19:58.354
Karlien de Bruin 3:20:01.753
Bianca Holtzkampf 3:20:01.885

Women 40-44
Frances Barnard 3:11:58.051
Cashandra Slingerland 3:13:41.551
Suzan Bowman 3:13:43.960

Women 45-49
Desiree Strydom 3:19:54.644
Aluis Inglis 3:20:25.534
Elmarie Yzelle 3:41:20.743

Women 50-54
Elizabeth Janse Van Rensburg 2:10:42.161
ChristianeBrenzel 2:10:46.897
Debbie Harris 2:13:01.222

Women 55-59
Cathy Carstens 2:10:40.100
Elaine Seale-Mckend 2:10:49.669 

Women 60+
Hester De Klerk 1:33:20.602
Stein Belinda 1:36:24.703 

Men 30-34
Franco Ferreira 3:23:05.258
Richard Baxter 3:23:05.423
William Hans 3:23:05.555

Men 35-39
Deno Van Heerden 3:23:05.159
Leonardo Van Onselen 3:23:05.654
Jaco Ferreira 3:23:05.720 

Men 40-44
David Garrett 3:23:10.506
Thys Oosthuizen 3:23:20.229
Johann Naude 3:23:20.902

Men 45-49
Martin van Wyk 3:23:19.339
Andreas Studer 3:23:19.735
Bryan Cusack :23:19.768

Men 50-54
Daniel Shane 2:24:33.197
John Horn 2:24:33.461
Anton Duvenage 2:25:02.498

 Men 55-59
Adriaan Beukes 2:24:38
Mark David Beneke 2:25:02.663
Bruce Reyneke 2:25:03.264

Vet Men 60-64
Paul Furbank 1:58:15.498
Wimpie Van Der Merwe 1:58:15.531
Linus Van Onselen 1:58:15.932

Men 65-69
Noel Robin Ziady 1:58:20.091
Henry Allan Fagan 2:03:15.063
Mike Lombard 2:03:16.317

Vet Men 70-74
John Moss 1:27:10.042
Van Den Berg Jan 1:27:10.076
Fred Van Zyl 1:27:58.326

Vet Men 75-79
William Morgan 1:27:37.104

U17 Boys
Matthew Fortuin 2:19:20.469
Ceajay Bosman 2:19:20.753
Benjamin Brown 2:19:21.545

Photo Captions: 

1 Deno van Heerden took the Men's 35-39 Road Race win at the 2017 SA Road Championships in Wellington on Saturday 11 February. Photo: Stuart Pickering/Cycling Direct

2  The Mixed Tandem Podium at the 2017 SA Road Championships in Wellington on Friday10 February. Photo: DoubleST

3  Matthew Fortuin took the U17 Men's Road Race win at the 2017 SA Road Championships in Wellington on Friday 10 February. Photo: DoubleST