RoadCover exceeds membership benefit expectations

Cycling South Africa is continuously striving to add value to our members and with the automatic assistance of RoadCover as part of the annual membership fee this enables our members to access this service at no additional cost to themselves.

The most recent case in point refers to a Cycling SA member who was hit by a car during an early morning training ride, suffering extensive injuries to his upper body. Aware of the process and that he had access to RoadCover through his Cycling SA membership, he contacted RoadCover to pursue his options.


RoadCover facilitated the claims process on behalf of the member from start to finish at no cost to the member. The payment was processed and the member received the full benefit without any deduction.

RoadCover’s Colin-Allan Germs said: “We try and get the maximum benefit for our members. Had the injured cyclist gone through a standard attorney, he would’ve lost approximately 40% of his capital received towards fees and costs. With RoadCover, which comes at no additional cost to a Cycling SA member, there is a massive saving.

“The claim that we have just settled for the aforementioned member was to the value of R933 763.00. This represents a minimum saving of approximately R400 000.00 to the member had he gone through the normal channels.”

For a Cycling SA annual membership of R120 per year, that’s a massive benefit!

The benefit of RoadCover is for every rider involved in an accident involving a motor vehicle. Effectively, if whilst riding your bike, you are involved in an accident on the road, any claim to the Road Accident Fund will be handled by RoadCover, whilst your medical expenses up to R20,000 will be covered by Hollard Insurance Company.

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