Cycling SA membership explained

Cycling South Africa’s 2016 membership is open and existing members can renew for the next 12 months while new members can sign up to take advantage of the fantastic membership benefits for the next 12 month cycle.

R150 per annum + provincial affiliation fee*

Cycling SA’s membership is the most basic form of licence and serves as an agreement of the rider to abide by the rules of the event in which they participate. As from 1 November 2015, the new membership rate is R150 per annum. A membership holder is entitled to enter any event, irrespective of discipline, without the need to purchase a day licence. A member is allowed to participate in a national series event, but will not be eligible for national or provincial selection.

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*View provincial affiliation fees online here.

R350 per annum + membership of Cycling SA (R150) + provincial affiliation fee* + membership of Cycling SA affiliated club

A Full Racing Licence is for riders from the age of 17-years-old who wish to be eligible for provincial and national selection and respective colours award.

  • MTB – The bearer of a Full Racing Licence is entitled to partake in National Championship or National Series races and be seeded accordingly. Those who race in the UCI categories (Junior, U23 and Elite) earn UCI points, which will assist them in being seeded at future UCI category events, World Cups and Championships. The cost of a full racing licence is R350 per year, and the applicant has to be member of an affiliated club, as well as be a registered member of Cycling SA.
  • ROAD / TRACK / PARA – The bearer of a full licence is entitled to partake in National Championship races and is for riders from the age of 15-years-old who wish to be eligible for provincial and national selection and respective colours award. Elite Men and Women that race in these categories will earn UCI points that count toward their national and international ranking. For Elite Women, these points will count towards their national ranking for Olympic qualification before the end of May 2016. The cost of a full racing licence is R350 per year, and the applicant has to be member of an affiliated club, as well as be a registered member of Cycling SA.
  • BMX – Any participant 16 years and older who wants to compete at provincial and national level requires a Full Racing Licence, irrespective of the category that you wish to compete in. Junior Elite and Elite riders with a Full Racing Licence can garner UCI points when participating in a UCI event. Riders under the age of 16-years-old only require a Cycling SA membership, and can race in any category provided they are in possession of the membership.

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*View provincial affiliation fees online here

R35 per event per day

The Day Licence is designed to allow the absolute newcomers of the sport to participate within the rules and regulations of the sport. These participants, who do not hold a full licence or membership, need to purchase a day licence. By purchasing a day licence the rider agrees to participate in the event and abide with the rules of the event and those of Cycling SA for that day. A day licence costs R35 and is only valid for one day i.e.: If you’re a non-member and participate in a 3-day event, you will be required to purchase a Day Licence for each of the three days. A Day Licence is not considered a “membership”, and therefore membership benefits are not applicable.

You can purchase a Day Licence at the event on the day.


Cycling SA has incorporated membership benefits by adding value through partnering companies. The benefits of a Cycling SA membership include preferential rates for car rentals from Europcar, service from RoadCover, medical expenses benefit with Hollard Insurance Company and access to the LiveLife Solutions loyalty rewards programme. All membership benefits are applicable to members only, and a Day Licence is not considered a membership.

Hollard Insurance Company

The medical expenses benefit with Hollard Insurance Company allows each member to receive a benefit of up to R20 000 for the actual medical expenses incurred for any accident whilst riding or competing on their bicycle. Claimants need to be a paid-up, current member of Cycling SA at the time of the accident. Claimants have to have incurred medical expenses and will be required to submit all the necessary paperwork in order to process the claim. The policy is fully downloadable off the membership website.

The cover from Hollard Insurance Company will extend a death benefit of R20,000 on new and renewed memberships for 2016. There have been four known deaths this year and we believe that this immediate assistance to bereaved family members may just provide some assistance during a very difficult time. This offer is available to all Cycling SA members.


Coupled to this, is the automatic assistance of RoadCover. Effectively, if, whilst riding your bike, you are involved in an accident on a South African road involving a 3rd party (motor vehicle). The service offered by RoadCover, provides the rider with administration assistance with claims against the Road Accident Fund (RAF). RoadCover’s claim management system, incur’s no costs to the rider or legal fees with full benefit accruing to the rider or immediate family (in case of death). RoadCover removes the very difficult and complicated process that applicants can face when processing a claim with the Road Accident Fund.


Earlier this year, Cycling South Africa welcomed an exciting new membership benefit deal with Europcar South Africa. Members can access car rentals at preferential rates with their unique CSAID (membership number). Cycling SA members must log into the Cycling SA CSAMS member management system and click the Europcar button. They will be directed to the customised Europcar portal where they can complete their booking for any car that they wish to hire.

LiveLife Solutions

All Cycling SA members will receive a LiveLife Solutions membership card for 2015. This card will accrue benefits to the member. We have linked up with LiveLife Solutions who are already integrated to many retail partners across the country, and who will be mandated by Cycling SA from time to time to secure other retail partners requested by our members (you). This will enable all members of Cycling SA to systematically earn rewards through the use of their Membership Rewards card. We will keep you posted on the new partner stores that are enlisted.

Social Media

On the social media scene, members have access to Cycling SA’s online content sharing community platform, bespoke. Cyclists and cycling supporters can create and curate their own unique profiles and create and curate cycling related content with fellow members. Cycling SA is also prominent on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so let’s get connected!

To apply for a new Cycling SA membership or to renew your existing membership, visit; existing members can update their personal information at any stage by logging to edit their information.