Annual Zimbabwean BMX Invitational always a thriller

Local BMX racers are ready for the challenge that lies ahead as they finalise their preparations for the annual tour to Zimbabwe for the 2012 Africa Challenge, which will determine the All Africa Champion on Saturday 20th October in Harare.

There has always been a good relationship between the South Africans and the Zimbabweans on the BMX track, where they come to race in our Grand National events. Likewise, on invitation, South Africa sends a team made up of selected riders as well as privateers, to take part in their annual challenge, which provides excellent camaraderie and competition between the two Southern African nations.

“A team of Expert riders will take part in this annual BMX competition,” says Margot Gerber, Cycling SA BMX Director. “It offers a great weekend of BMX racing and although it is called the Africa Challenge, only Zimbabwe and South Africa currently take part.

“There is a great need, and it is one of our goals to source BMX activity from other neighbouring countries to increase the sport of BMX in Africa. I feel it is our duty as the strongest BMX country in African to initiate this exercise.”

In order for South African riders to qualify for the All Africa Champion title, they must have competed in both the Grand National in South Africa (Leg 6), and the Africa Challenge in Zimbabwe.

Only the final points from the SA Grand Nationals (Leg 6) and the Africa Challenge final will count towards being crowned the All Africa Champion. Trophies will be awarded to the All Africa Champion in each category, and number plates to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

RSA Team Selection for Africa Challenge (ZIM)