Philogene and Fourie claim downhill spoils at SA Cup 2

The second round of the KZNMTB Provincial DOWNHILL Series – presented by Greg Minnaar Cycles doubled up as the second round of the 2016 South African DHI Cup Series and Giba Gorge MTB Park pulled out all the stops to create a scintillating venue for downhillers from all over the country as the South African sun and very technical course took no mercy on the prisoners of the track.

With a field of 90 riders lining up to start, an incredible day out was had by all from the Masters Category all the way down the youngest rider, who hails from the Western Cape, eight-year-old Benjamin Wolfson. Standing atop the Overall Men and Women’s podiums were Jonathan Philogene (Elite) and Kathryn Fourie (Sub Veteran), who descended the ultra steep course in 01:35.43 and 02:24.22 respectively.

Philogene wasn’t aware that only moments before his own run, his brother was in the hot seat until Western Cape rider Johann Potgieter posted a quicker time than him. “I do know what Chris is capable of so I was a little worried because we are pretty close with our riding abilities. I expected him to be right up there, I’d never count anything out,” he said.

“I was stoked for him, I really was,” said the younger Philogene, Christopher. “The overall race was there for him to take and he got it, so I’m stoked for him.”

Both brothers are now off to take part in the African Continental MTB Championships in Lesotho next weekend. “I was fortunate enough to go last weekend for a few days, and I noticed how the altitude makes a huge difference. That’s why we’re going early this week to acclimatise,” said Jonathan.

In a fit of laughter, Elite Women’s winner, Kim Westbrook said: “I actually didn’t think I was going to make it down the hill half the time. Everything I tried was just wrong so I ended up just skidding down the hill.”

Westbrook said that the track was steep, rocky, and very loose. “I just didn’t have a head for it today. But I did my best, I got on my bike, I went down the hill, I crashed, I got back on my bike, got to the bottom, and then I did it all again, but I had a really good time out there,” she said.

Sub Junior Women’s winner and second over all woman, Sabine Thies said: “It was pretty good, dusty and bumpy, but lots of fun. I managed to shave off five seconds from my first run on my second, which was great.”

Thies said that she would love to see herself on top of the podium for Elite Women, and to get the SA Champs behind her for Downhill, Cross Country and Enduro.

Leaving early to get used to the altitude as well, Thies also heads off to Lesotho ahead of the weekend’s African Continental Champs.

Downhill course designer, Nigel Hicks extended his gratitude to Bos Energy Drinks, Greg Minnaar Cycles, and everybody involved at the Giba Gorge MTB Park for the outstanding event.

The third round of the KZNMTB Provincial DOWNHILL Series – presented by Greg Minnaar Cycles will also double up as the third round of the 2016 South African DHI Cup Series and takes place at Karkloof MTB Club near Howick on Sunday 22 May.


Summary of Results – SA DOWNHILL Cup Series #2 – 27 March 2016 [Giba Gorge MTB Park]

Download the Full Results here.

Overall Men

1.Jonathan Philogene 01:35.43
2.Tiaan Odendaal 01:36.42
3.Samuel Bull 01:36.67
4.Johann Potgieter 01:37.63
5.Christopher Philogene 01:37.75

Overall Women

1.Kathryn Fourie 02:24.22
2.Sabine Thies 02:31.24
3.Joanne Hicks 02:34.23
4.Kim Westbrook 02:45.82
5.Nikki Alvin 02:48.71

Elite Men
1.Jonathan Philogene 01:35.43
2.Tiaan Odendaal 01:36.42
3.Samuel Bull 01:36.67

Elite Women
1.Kim Westbrook 02:45.82
2.Lauren Hoyer 03:20.35
3.Tammy Sturrock 03:20.37

Junior Men
1.Christopher Philogene 01:37.75
2.Cullen McMaster 01:44.91
3.Sharjah Jonsson01:46.20

Youth Men
1.Jason Williams 01:43.97
2.Jason du Toit 01:48.05
3.Shaun Smale 01:50.90

Sub Junior Men
1.Maximillian Wolfson 02:20.99
2.Kyle Brand 02:31.28
3.Robert Jessop 02:44.92

Sub Junior Women
1.Sabine Thies 02:31.24
2.Charlotte Wolfson 03:22.60

Nipper Boys
1.Benjamin Wolfson 04:34.22
2.Caleb Archer 04:41.94

Sprog Boys
1.Keagan Brand 02:20.06
2.Nate Tanner Hall 02:26.73
3.Liam Tyler Hall 02:27.97

Sub Veteran Men
1.Nigel Hicks 01:55.83
2.Mark Millar 01:56.59
3.David Drummond 02:01.79

Sub Veteran Women
1.Kathryn Fourie 02:24.22
2.Joanne Hicks 02:34.23
3.Nikki Alvin 02:48.71

Veteran Men
1.Craig Seawood 01:58.49
2.Thane Archer 02:03:02
3.Vince Muir 02:06.49

Master Men
1.Mark Minter 02:43.62
2.Peter Hoyer 02:48.84