The use of E-Bikes in Cycling SA Sanctioned events


Cycling SA has noted a trend amongst some event organisers to include E-bikes (electronically assisted bikes) into the events. This is an unfair and unsafe practice. There have been incidents involving E-bike riders – from causing accidents in technical terrain to actually claiming podium amongst normal bicycle riders.

Currently under UCI and Cycling SA regulations, the use of E-bikes by participants is not allowed in sanctioned events. Events that are sanctioned by Cycling South Africa agree to abide by the current rules and regulations.

Should an event organiser choose to include the participation of e bikes they do so at entirely their own risk.  The insurance cover provided under Cycling SA sanctioning only covers the riders who participate within the rules of Cycling SA – that is riders on conventional bicycles. Members of Cycling SA who participates in sanctioned events on an E-Bike will also forfeit any potential claim for medical assistance, as the use of E-Bikes falls outside of the scope of the federation’s rules and regulations.

An E-Bike rider has a distinct advantage over all other competitors and can be used by a participant to try and influence their seeding for future events in both road and mountain bike events, attain a podium or influence the overall outcome of a race by assisting others who are on normal bicycles (drafting, mechanical support, towing, pushing).

Any protest or objections regarding the inclusion of E-bikes at an event will be sole the responsibility of the event organiser or race director and not the responsibility of the Cycling SA race commissaires. E-bike riders will be excluded from commissaire result sheets and/or verification.

E-bikes are considered as mechanical doping and a contravention of UCI regulation 1.3.010.  The potential sanctions are severe.

Cycling South Africa Mountain Bike Regulations for 2018 (published in 2017) have expressly excluded E-Bikes into the regulations.

  • 14.01.010 The use of electronic assisted bicycles (E- Bikes) are not permitted in any form of mountain bike events when run on the same course at the same time.