UPDATE: The use of E-Mountain Bikes in races

Further to our previous communication regarding the use of e-bikes in mountain bike races (dated 24 August 2018), and in line with the UCI announcement and amended Rules and Regulations (Part 4: Mountain Bike) regarding e-bikes, effective 1 January 2019, there will now be place for e-mountain bikes in cycling races but NOT in categories against normal bicycles. Interestingly, the UCI only see E-Bike racing for the Olympic format of the sport – XCO racing.

A separate e-bike category will need to have its own start in a race that see e-bikes versus e-bike. E-bikes cannot be allowed in a standard cycle race for not only safety concerns, but  cannot in any way affect/influence the outcome of any race of normal 100% human powered bicycles.

In instances like mass participation events, a rider on an e-bike will never, and cannot ever, receive a prize or stand on the podium. He/she can only do so in an “e-bike race”.

View the updated Rules and Regulations here.

For ease of reference, see the amended MTB Rules and Regulations below:

7 Equipment

4.1.041            During MTB races no electronic bikes are allowed on the course at any time during training and competition.

Exception to this article is made for E-Mountain Bike competitions as specified in chapter VIII.
(article introduced on 1.01.18, text modified on 1.01.19).


1 General

4.8.001            An E-Mountain Bike is a bike operated with two energy sources, human pedal power and an electric engine, which only provides assistance when the rider is pedalling.

E-Mountain bike events must be organised in accordance with the following bike standards:

-       Engine of maximum 250watts

-       Engine assistance up to 25km/h

-       Pedalling assistance only, although a start-up assistance not exceeding 6km/h without pedalling is allowed

(article introduced on 1.01.19)

Age category

4.8.002            E-Mountain Bike events are open to all riders aged 19 and over and include Masters categories. No separate results must be submitted for the Under 23, Elite or Masters categories.
(article introduced on 1.01.19)

Events format and characteristics

4.8.003            E-Mountain Bike events will be organised in the cross-country and Enduro formats only and will be registered as Class 3 events. No UCI points will be awarded for E-Mountain Bike events.

The characteristics and format of each event will be determined in the technical guide for each event.
(article introduced on 1.01.19)


4.8.004            The rider’s registration procedure is handled by each organiser of an E-Mountain Bike event.
(article introduced on 1.01.19)


4.8.005            Riders can only use the battery in place on their bike and cannot carry an additional battery during the competition.
(article introduced on 1.01.19)