MTB Masters World Champs medal winners in Norway

South African Masters mountain biker, Nedene Cahill, was crowned the 2014 World Champion in the Women’s cross-country 30-34 age category at the recent 2014 UCI Mountain Bike Masters World Championships held at Lillehammer, Norway, from 21-26 September.

The defending World Champion triumphed in tough and challenging conditions, which turned the Norwegian track into a rain-soaked muddy quagmire. Her victory in the XCO World Championships was added to another accolade from earlier this year, where she won the inaugural Rainbow Challenge, a marathon race for masters’ competitors from all over the world. Cahill’s XCO winning time was 01:53:11, beating Elina Vargas (ARG) 01:54:57 into second place, and Mariela Scott (CHI) 02:12:09 into third.

The South African riders churned out another two XCO silver medals, one DHI silver medal and one DHI bronze medal.

2013 MTB Masters World Champion and 2014 Rainbow Challenge winner Linus van Onselen claimed a silver medal in the Men 60-64 category. He finished half-a-minute behind local rider Trond Overn from Norway (01:07:31). Great Britain’s Roy Hunt finished a further minute behind.

In the women’s 40-44 race, 2013 MTB Masters World Champion Natalie Bergström claimed silver finishing second to a dominant Hanna Bergman from Sweden. The Swede crossed the finish line in 01:40:48, with Bergström second (01:52:01) and Swede Therese Lindqvist third (01:52:22).

Downhill racing’s silver medal went to 2013 MTB Masters World Champion Rika Olivier in the 40-44 age category. Rika descended the track in 5 minutes 29.136 seconds, almost 20 seconds slower than the winner Lina Skoglund (SWE). 2013 MTB Masters World Champion Chris Nixon claimed a bronze medal on the challenging descent, in the 45-49 category, in a time of 4:42.483. Marcel Waldmann (SUI) finished first in 4 minutes 28.740 seconds, with Spaniard Ramon Figueras Bernades second (4:39.652).

In the cross-country races, 2013 MTB Masters World Champion Nico Pfitzenmaier finished in tenth place in the Men 40-44 XCO; Robert Sim and Tim Keep finished 12th and 33rd respectively in the Men 45-49 XCO; and 2013 MTB Masters World Champion Paul Furbank and Jimmy Redman finished eighth and tenth respectively in the Men 55-59 XCO.

Summary of results – 2014 UCI MTB Masters World Championships

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Men 40-44 XCO

1 Magnus PALMBERG (SWE) 01:20:27
2 Tomas MISSER (ESP) 01:21:28
3 Massimo FOLCARELLI (ITA) 01:22:09
10 Nico PFITZENMAIER (RSA) 01:26:00

Men 45-49 XCO

1 Rune HØYDAHL (NOR) 01:25:01
2 Manuel ROJO NIETO (ESP) 01:25:13
3 Abraao AZEVEDO (BRA) 01:25:16
12 Robert SIM (RSA) 01:29:14
33 Tim KEEP (RSA) 01:45:57

Men 55-59 XCO

1 Mads BØDKER (DEN) 01:00:26
2 Roger GENTIL (FRA) 01:03:00
3 Francesco FERRARI (ITA) 01:03:14
8 Paul FURBANK (RSA) 01:08:33
10 Jimmy REDMAN (RSA) 01:10:23

Men 60-64 XCO

1 Trond OVERN (NOR) 01:07:31
2 Linus VAN ONSELEN (RSA) 01:08:02
3 Roy HUNT (GBR) 01:09:03

Women 30-34 XCO

1 Nedene CAHILL (RSA) 01:53:11
2 Graciela Elina VARGAS (ARG) 01:54:57
3 Mariela SCOTT (CHI) 02:12:09

Women 40-44 XCO

1 Hanna BERGMAN (SWE) 01:40:48
2 Natalie BERGSTRÖM (RSA) 01:52:01
3 Therese LINDQVIST (SWE) 01:52:22

Women 40-44 DHI

1 Lina SKOGLUND (SWE) 5:09.357
2 Rika OLIVIER (RSA) 5:29.136

Men 45-49 DHI

1 Marcel WALDMANN (SUI) 4:28.740
2 Ramon FIGUERAS BERNADES (ESP) 4:39.652
3 Chris NIXON (RSA) 4:42.483

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