Afriski MTB Cup race included in MTB team selection criteria for Commonwealth Games

The Mountain Bike Commission of Cycling South Africa would like to inform the Elite Men and Women, who may be in contention for selection to the South African National MTB Team for Commonwealth Games, of an extension to the selection races and dates.

The full set of criteria are listed below, and the specific sections amended can be summarised as follows:

a. The nominated selection races will now include the 2nd National Cup Series XCO at Afriski in Lesotho on 19 April 2014

b. Rankings based on the criteria up to 30 April 2014 will be taken into account

c. The scheduled date for final team selection, and notification to riders, will be 1 May 2014

Herewith follows the full text of the MTB selection policy for the 2014 Commonwealth Games:

14.03     Commonwealth Games – Glasgow: 23 July to 3 August 2014 [MTB on Tues 29 July]

14.03.001 The normal selection criteria and required performance levels as above will still be used, but the full MTB team is limited to 3 riders

14.03.002 The selection races will be the same as those for the SA MTB Team to the World Champs, up to and including SA National MTB Series #2 at Afriski, Lesotho 19-20 April 2014

14.03.003 The scheduled date for final team selection will be 1 May 2014

14.03.004 A long list of riders nominated has already been drafted, and the final team of 3 riders will be selected from this group, which consists of:

14.03.005 XCO Women: Mariske Strauss; Candice Neethling; Samantha Sanders; Cherie Vale; Ashleigh Moffat; Amy McDougall

14.03.006 XCO Men: Philip Buys; Rourke Croeser; James Reid; Renay Groustra; Max Knox; Brendon Davids; William Makgopo; Sipho Madolo

14.03.007 If any unlisted rider has surpassed those listed above, in terms of the selection criteria below, then they will be considered on comparative performance data as provided for in the main selection criteria. PDI riders will also be considered

14.03.008 As an initial qualification, the general selection criteria, and performance targets as listed above, will be applied. This means that riders must first meet the performance criteria, before further consideration in terms of the specific Commonwealth Games selection criteria

14.03.009 In terms of SASCOC policy, riders need to be ranked in the Top 5 in their category in the Commonwealth

14.03.010 The highest ranked riders in terms of 14.03.001 to 14.03.009 above as at 30 April 2014, will be selected to the team

14.03.011 The team will have a minimum of 1 female, 1 male and 1 PDI rider of either gender who qualifies in terms of 4.0 above