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Do you want to become a member of Cycling South Africa? Are you already a member? Existing members can visit their profiles and wannabe members can sign up and create their profiles by clicking the red MEMBERSHIP button above.

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Guardian Assist

Guardian Assist


For your convenience, Cycling South Africa has developed a brand new membership platform. The new process is far simpler and can either be accessed through your desktop (at or via the mobile APP (currently available in the Google Play Store for Android devices, and soon to be released in the Apple App Store).

The process is far easier and simpler to use. Please take two minutes to confirm that your details are indeed correct. To find out more information about membership and our amazing membership benefits, keep reading this page.

You can renew your membership on a 12 monthly cycle. Full Racing Licences (the additional R400 option), remain a January-to-December period to comply with UCI regulations. The online system has had some further enhancements made, in that you can use your savings card, debit card or credit card to process the online payment.

Licence structure explained

Full Racing License

This category of license is for riders from the age of 17-years-old who wish to be eligible for provincial and national selection and respective colours award. The bearer of a full license is entitled to partake in national championship or series race and be seeded accordingly. Those of who race in the UCI categories (Junior, U23 and Elite) earn UCI points, which will assist them in being seeded at future UCI category events, World Cups and Championships. The cost of a full racing license is R400 per year, and the applicant has to be member of an affiliated club, as well as be a registered member of Cycling SA. These MUST be done simultaneously for a Full Racing License to be valid. Full Racing Licenses are only valid from 1 January to 31 December each year.


As from 1 November 2016, a membership of Cycling SA costs R200 per year. A membership holder is entitled to enter any event, irrespective of discipline, without having to purchase a day license. A member is allowed to participate in a national series event, but will not be eligible for national or provincial selection. A membership of Cycling SA is the most basic form of license and is an agreement of the rider to abide by the rules of the event in which they participate.

Day License

The Day-license is designed to allow the absolute newcomers of the sport to participate within the rules and regulations of the sport. These participants, who do not hold a full license or membership, need to purchase a day license. By purchasing a day license the rider agrees to participate in the event and abide with the rules of the event and those of Cycling SA for that day. A day license costs R35 and is only valid for one day.

Technical Official License

The cost of a license for Technical Officials - UCI Commissaire, National Commissaire, Judge & Time Keeper - is R50 per year.

Provincial levy

Some provinces charge an additional levy to assist with the development and running of the provincial structures. These levies vary from province to province. Your province, which is made up of the clubs, will provide the information as to what and how these funds are utilised within your province, as these are determined by the input from clubs at regional and provincial meetings.

Provincial Levies for 2017:

  • Central Gauteng Affiliation Fee R75 (Compulsory if you live in Central Gauteng)
  • Eastern Cape Affiliation Fee R50 (Compulsory if you live in Eastern Cape)
  • East Rand Affiliation Fee R50 (Compulsory if you live in East Rand)
  • Free State Affiliation Fee R75 (Compulsory if you live in Free State)
  • Gauteng North Affiliation Fee R50 (Compulsory if you live in Gauteng North)
  • KwaZulu-Natal Affiliation Fee R50 (Compulsory if you live in KZN)
  • Limpopo Affiliation Fee R50 (Compulsory if you live in Limpopo)
  • Mogale (West Rand) Affiliation Fee R50 (Compulsory if you live in Mogale)
  • Mpumalanga Affiliation Fee R25 (Compulsory if you live in Mpumalanga)
  • Northern Cape Affiliation Fee R50 (Compulsory if you live in Northern Cape)
  • North West Affiliation Fee R75 (Compulsory if you live in North West)
  • Southern Gauteng Affiliation Fee R75 (Compulsory if you live in Southern Gauteng)
  • Western Cape Affiliation Fee R25 (Compulsory if you live in Western Cape)

Other Licenses



Europcar South Africa

Cycling South Africa is pleased to announce an exciting new membership benefit deal with Europcar South Africa. Cycling SA members will receive a 10% discount with their unique CSAID.

The exciting partnership will yield additional value to our members by offering preferential rates when hiring a vehicle. Cycling SA members must log into the Membership APP and click the Europcar link. They will be directed to the Europcar portal where they can complete their booking for any car that they wish to hire.

Europcar South Africa has been a consistent sponsor and partner to Cycling South Africa over the past few years, supporting various major cycling events that have been staged around the country by supplying team and support vehicles.


Hollard Insurance Company

Medical assistance

Cycling SA has finalised a medical emergency evacuation or transport benefit with Hollard Insurance Company for the 2017 membership cycle. Each member will receive a death benefit of R25 000, and/or Emergency Medical Treatment at a Medical Treatment Facility and Emergency Traveling costs a benefit of up to R25,000 accident cover for any cycling related accident that occurs at a Cycling SA sanctioned cycling event. The injured cyclist MUST attend a medic on-site at the event where he/she is injured. This offer is only available to all Cycling SA members.

*Please note: If your new membership started/renewed from 1 November 2016 (until 31 October 2017), then the R25 000 cover applies. If your membership is still active from the previous cycle (i.e. purchased during the year before 1 November 2016), then the previous cycle's cover of R20 000 applies.

If in an accident or in an emergency a person must contact Africa Assist - 010 211 6950 - in order for the member to be identified and the expenses controlled.

For any other queries, please contact Hollard Accident and Health - Claims Manager on 011 351 5366

*There is a R500 excess payable,  and the claim will be settled subject to all correct documentation being in place.


RoadCover/Road Accident Fund

ROADCOVER ensure that victims of motor vehicle accidents have immediate access to an effective Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims management system with NO costs to themselves. RoadCover removes the very difficult and complicated process that we face when processing a claim with the Road Accident Fund.

For the duration of the claim, the member receives:

  • Legal representation
  • Administration and claims management
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Required Medico-legal reports
  • Required Actuarial reports
  • Past and future loss of earning reports
  • Past and future loss of support reports

For further information, please go to or dial 0860 RCOVER (0860 726837)


    Guardian Assist, powered by Helivac

    With rising medical services cost and the economy performing poorly over the past couple of years, most people are unable to save monthly for a rainy day or join a medical aid to assist during a medical emergency. Guardian Assist is not a medical aid; however, this is a medical policy that will be there in your time of need.

    The Guardian Assist provides you with complete peace-of-mind in the event of you suffering any accidental medical injury.

    You will have access to the following in the event of an accidental medical injury:

    1. Emergency Ambulance Response & Transportation.
      • A 24-Hour Medical Call Centre can be contacted on 0861 435 4822 to arrange Emergency Medical Resources throughout South Africa.
      •  The Medical Resources will stabilise you and transport you to the closest, most appropriate Hospital Facility to assist with your injuries.
    2. In-Hospital, Medical Coverage as a result of an Accident up to a maximum of R500 000 per family event, per annum.
      • fter being transported via Emergency Ambulance Service through the Guardian Assist policy, should it be required that you are admitted into Hospital for further treatment, you will be covered as follows:
        • If you do not have a Medical Aid or Medical Insurance Cover, Guardian Assist will cover your Medical Bills for in-hospital treatment up to R500 000 per family event, per annum. This will include Hospital costs, Radiology costs, Pathology costs and Medical Practitioner costs.
        • If you do have a Medical Aid or Medical Insurance Cover, Guardian Assist will cover any shortfall or co-payment you may be charged for in-hospital treatment up to R500 000 per family event, per annum. (Your initial call must be logged via the 24-Hour Call Centre) 
        • In-hospital Medical Bills will be paid directly to the Medical Service Providers, upon receipt of same.
    3. 24-Hour Telephonic Trauma Counselling
      • You have access to telephonic trauma counselling following a traumatic event (Robbery; Mugging; Rape; etc.). To access the telephonic counselling option, you can contact the 24-Hour Medical Contact Centre on 0861 435 4822. 
    4. 24-Hour Telephonic Medical Advice
      • Need some Medical Advice? The 24-Hour Medical Advice Hotline provides you with access to medically trained and qualified staff who can assist you. Advice is only a phone call away – contact 0861 435 4822. 
    5. 24-Hour Poison Hotline
      • The Poison Hotline offers telephonic assistance for adults or children who may have encountered any harmful or poisonous substances or venomous insects or reptiles. 
    6. Costs
      • The Guardian Assist Family cover will be offered to all Cycling South Africa’s members at a cost of R149.00 per month for a family of up to six people, consisting of two adults and four children.

    This normal Guardian Assist family membership cost is R199.00 per month and a R200.00 joining administration fee. As a Cycling South Africa member, you receive a R50.00 monthly discount per membership and the joining administration fee is waivered.

    What to do?

    All calls need to be made to our call centre at all times in order for the policy to cover any accidental injury costs. The insured amount will cover ambulance costs, hospital costs, doctors' costs, radiology costs and pathology costs. Any auxiliary service provided to a client as a result of the accidental injury, while he/she is in hospital will also be covered under the insured amount.

    • Telephone number: 010 600 0299
    • Email: