Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.
It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers.
It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.

Nelson Mandela


  • CyclingSA is fully committed to the principles and active promotion of diversity, inclusivity and providing equal opportunities whilst encouraging social cohesion and using cycling as a form of activity that will uplift previously disadvantaged communities.
  • CyclingSA will be the catalyst driving all stakeholders through common programs, capacity building and development to achieve the federation’s transformation objectives.
  • CyclingSA will give clear instruction to support transformation and inclusivity.
  • CyclingSA will encourage increased diversity through the constitution of the National Federation and that of its affiliates.
  • CyclingSA will set goals to continue the transformation of cycling in South Africa through the National Development Plan over a four-year period. For ease of planning, this will coincide with an Olympic Cycle.
  • CyclingSA will communicate to its members and partners its plans and monitor the progress of achieving goals.
  • Through its mandate as the custodian of the sport of cycling, CyclingSA will ensure that there will be open access to all those who wish to participate in the sport and that they are treated fairly.



Full NameTown / CityMake your Pledge
Connie Haupt
Ek onderneem om my bes te doen om alle rassisme en haatspraak te beveg in sport en ander terreine van die lewe.
Kena Setshogoe
Sport is a fantastic nation builder. Let's get our people united behind cycling, behind our nation and certainly behind and side by side with each other. I say no! to racism
Terry Youens
Gregory van Heerden
In sport as in life, the only measure of a person is their actions, so I ask you all to act against racism in all facets of society and ensure that the example we set inspires our peers and children to never judge a person based on the colour of their skin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or the country they are from.
Pieter Staal
Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Klaus Wiemann
I say no to racism in all walks of Life
John Ntuli
Are we fighting for money, for powers or to live a better and healthier lifestyle? Why are we killing each other and hate each other like we do? Why don't we share things in this life so we all can be happy and help each other to live better lives? You cannot buy life with money and you cannot live forever because you have a lot of money. STOP RACISM AND HELP OTHERS IN NEED...NO,NO,NO TO RACISM.
Zaakier Jacobs
Cycling for one and all. Riding a bicycle should never be about race and ability. It only takes two legs and in certain cases, two arms, and there you go with turning the cranks!
Mitchell Rose
I pledge to ride to protest hate, the cancer that is strangling Africa.
Geoff Botes
Racism has no place in sport and society in general
Jandre van Jaarsveldt
Your race should not determine the type of athlete you are and with that being said. We must promote young cyclists Black or White to participate in the sport because they are our future sports men and ladies.
Kobus Viljoen
I support that any kind of racism should be kept out of sport.
Erich Niemand
Hiermee beloof ek om te alle tye al ons rasse te aanvaar as ons eweknie en enige rasse onderskeid te ignoreer. Ons is almal boorlinge van dieselfde Land Suid Afrika en is geregtig op dieselfde respek, eerlikheid en integriteit.
Greg Morris
Mark Saunders
Cycling is a sport for all who don't dope, irrespective of race, colour, gender or nationality.
Shane Cox
I pledge no to racism, it holds us back from the freedom we all desire and deserve!
Daryl Sher
Cycling brings all races & genders together. I support a better world and more patience through the sport of cycling.
Zakkie Pretorius
I say no to racism in all walks of life.
Timothy Blegenhout
Racism has no place in South African Sport. #racismmustfall
Burl Samuel
As a PAD (previously disadvantaged ) South African, who experienced rejection, and humiliation first hand, I totally support this campaign
Wisani Ngobeni
I say NO to racism, it's really limiting us.
Ernest Liddell
Sport is the best way to unite a country. Respect yourself and you will respect others no matter what Race, Color or Creed.
Hanno VdMerwe
I pledge to build the sport of cycling in such fashion as to not discriminate against race, gender, background or discipline!
Andre Schutte
I belong to both a cycling club and kayak/surfski club and we have an anti-racism approach in both clubs.
Johan Nicol
If you are a cyclist, you are family.
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