Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.
It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers.
It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.

Nelson Mandela- Developer


  • CyclingSA is fully committed to the principles and active promotion of diversity, inclusivity and providing equal opportunities whilst encouraging social cohesion and using cycling as a form of activity that will uplift previously disadvantaged communities.
  • CyclingSA will be the catalyst driving all stakeholders through common programs, capacity building and development to achieve the federation’s transformation objectives.
  • CyclingSA will give clear instruction to support transformation and inclusivity.
  • CyclingSA will encourage increased diversity through the constitution of the National Federation and that of its affiliates.
  • CyclingSA will set goals to continue the transformation of cycling in South Africa through the National Development Plan over a four-year period. For ease of planning, this will coincide with an Olympic Cycle.
  • CyclingSA will communicate to its members and partners its plans and monitor the progress of achieving goals.
  • Through its mandate as the custodian of the sport of cycling, CyclingSA will ensure that there will be open access to all those who wish to participate in the sport and that they are treated fairly.



Full NameTown / CityMake your Pledge
Shaun Forster
No racism in sport and in SA
Jan Louwies
God created us all equal
Werner van der Merwe
The only "race" that should ever matter, is the next one 🙂
Frank Truter
Racism does not create a happy society. It breaks down a human that is flesh and blood like everybody else and creates a social stigmata of where some people think they are better than others. We are all equal and should respect that. Skin colour does not change the fact that we all bleed red.
Martin Volkwyn
I pledge to keep racism and hate speech free from our sport
Shalini Naidoo
I pledge to educate and bring positive awareness to different types of racisms
Joao de Abreu
Sport is for everyone participation must be totally free.
Izak van der Merwe
Tired of it as it just holds back progress and dulls the enjoyment of something we all have in common across the board
Gerald Francis
Cycling has no place for racist.
Sjeanette Viljoen
All are equal
Fusi Madela
Racism has no place in our country nor in our sport. I am a 'race-ist' and, like Werner, the only 'race' that matters is the next one
Marthinus Nicolaas Naude
We are all equal in the eyes of God I pledge to carry it through to all my sport
Sharon Drude
All people are equal no matter what their race. No to racism and hate speech
Mohamed Bassa
There is NO place for Racism. RACISM = BARBARISM
Athian Labuschagne
Everybody should be given the opportunity to excel at the sport of their choice through their hard work and determination, and not through the color of their skin.
Mohammed Uzair Bhamjee
Sport Uplifts society while Racism degrades... Choose Wisely and make a difference
Dave Millard
Say NO to RACISM in Life.
Phumzile Jnr Oliphant
I pledge to be Anti-Racist in all sports activities I take part in.
Steve Bainbridge
As cyclists, as sports loving people of South Africa lets show our politicians that no laws or regulations are necessary for us to play and work together. This is our country and together we will make it work.
Janeil Davis
Zac Weaver
As a former cyclist who both raced and trained among riders that varied from club level to former Tour De France athletes, I can assert that not once did I ever experience even the slightest of attitude from fellow cyclists. As a biracial African American, I can't state enough how awesome it is to have witnessed MTN-Qhubeka's historical King of the Mountain win in the 2015 TDF!! How cool is that?!!
Deon Eyssen
Should i ever encounter this type of behaviour in or outside of cycling I will do my best not to retaliate and hope that my actions towards perpetrators change their views.
Magdalene Nicholson
Embrace diversity!
Stephen Bagnall
No racism in sport for all colours and creed.
Ganief Solomon
I grew up in a cosmopolitan environment. I have a very mixed family. Colour has for 64 years of my life never been a problem for me. I now grow old in a democracy. I wholeheartedly say no to any form of racism in any sport.
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