Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.
It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers.
It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.

Nelson Mandela- Developer


  • CyclingSA is fully committed to the principles and active promotion of diversity, inclusivity and providing equal opportunities whilst encouraging social cohesion and using cycling as a form of activity that will uplift previously disadvantaged communities.
  • CyclingSA will be the catalyst driving all stakeholders through common programs, capacity building and development to achieve the federation’s transformation objectives.
  • CyclingSA will give clear instruction to support transformation and inclusivity.
  • CyclingSA will encourage increased diversity through the constitution of the National Federation and that of its affiliates.
  • CyclingSA will set goals to continue the transformation of cycling in South Africa through the National Development Plan over a four-year period. For ease of planning, this will coincide with an Olympic Cycle.
  • CyclingSA will communicate to its members and partners its plans and monitor the progress of achieving goals.
  • Through its mandate as the custodian of the sport of cycling, CyclingSA will ensure that there will be open access to all those who wish to participate in the sport and that they are treated fairly.



Full NameTown / CityMake your Pledge
Frederick Botha
I believe cycling is a bridge builder that can bring all South Africans to unite as a proud nation.
Liesel Retief
All humans are 99.9% the same, at the level of our DNA sequences. Our skin colour is determined by a few melanin genes, a tiny, tiny percent of what makes up an individual. There is no correlation between melanin expression and a person's intelligence, ability, creativity or humanity. I pledge to not let the most superficial marker of any individual on the planet or my own country come between us.
David Neale
I pledge that I will fight racism in cycling and in all forms of associations in life - but a sad situation that this needs to be done in the first place. Everyone is equal to me.
Jakes van Strijp
SAD that we even need to make such a pledge - why can't we just be one nation, respect the uniqueness of each person and appreciate the contribution that everyone can make?
Richard Durrant
May the best cyclist win the race on equal terms!
Mike Bradley
I say no to racism, yes to social cohesion and creation of equal opportunity.
Tinus van Deventer
I pledge to no rasicm in sport. We are all the same on the field of play, no matter what. I treat everyone with the same repect and dignity, to all my felow riders, take this plege, we can eredicate this evil tearing our nation apart. UNITE!
Susan Hsu
I pledge no to all racism!
Michael Baker
We all turn the pedals the same way. Blood , sweat & tears are all the same what ever colour/gender or preferences Our sport offers a place were we can all be our best don't be a muppet & mess it up. Treat everybody with the respect you expect, be the one to make a difference.
Zaid Harris
There is no place for racism in cycling or any other sport!
Kurt Alpers
There is no need for racism....if the difference of another is an issue to you, take a look at yourself!
Gavin Smith
I pledge to keep racism, sexist and hate speech free from my life
Lion Pienaar
I say NO to any kind of racism!
Ntlanga Ngandi
Stop racism and discrimination in Cycling and sport in general. Forward to a more cohesive and inclusive cycling and sporty society.
Bryne Forgey
No forms of racism are acceptable in our sport. No race based actions whatsoever.
Wynand Kapp
Life is too short, enjoy cycling and be free to care for others.
Rod Ehmke
No to all forms of discrimination.
Prudence Pietersen
I say NO to racism in all forms of societies.
Themba Kaudi
I pledge that I will not partake or tolerate any racism in our sport
Milesh Gopal
Sport is for all.
Chris Leonard
God gave all of us talents to participate, if you use racism to disqualify anyone, are you really a champion?
Elise Kirsten
No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.' Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom
Martin Simon
Let's ride together - young and old, black and white, male and female, fat and thin - enjoy the sport together. The wheels turn and so do our lives.
Alexa Terblanche
The world has enough anger and hatred in it! I say NO to racism in sport!
Hoosain Dawood
I vow to stand against racism in sport and for a united healthier happier South Africa.
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