Hollard Insurance Company

Medical assistance

Cycling SA has finalised a medical expenses benefit with Hollard Insurance Company. Each member will receive a benefit of up to R20,000 for the actual medical expenses incurred for any incidentwhilst riding or competing on their bicycle. The policy is fully downloadable off the membership website. Coupled to this, is the automatic assistance of Road Cover. Effectively, if whilst riding your bike, you are involved in an accident on the road, any claim with the Road Accident Fund will be handled by Road Cover, whilst your medical expenses up to R20,000 will be covered by Hollard Insurance Company. This offer is only available to all Cycling SA members.

If in an accident a person must contact: Hollard Accident and Health - Claims Manager - Bill Mcintoch - 011 351 5366
*There is a R500 excess payable,  and the claim will be settled subject to all correct documentation being in place.


Hi guys,

I think we must share my story with all the clubs and Cycling SA members, as well as Cycling SA, as we were not sure how the insurance for Cycling SA members works.

  • Fact: I got injured (broke my elbow) during a MTB training session 24/09/2015
  • Fact: My hospital bill and medical expenses added up more than R50 000
  • Fact: All my medical bills were settled by my Medical Fund, everything was fully paid.
  • Fact: All CSA members are covered by an insurance that CSA organised on our behalf with Hollard.
  • Fact: I spoke to Bill Mcintosh at Hollard Insurers, the dedicated person for CSA medical claims, and told him that everything was paid.
  • Fact: Bill said that although everything was paid by my medical aid, they will still pay their dues, up to R20 000.
  • FACT: I got my payment into my account Friday 30/10/2015, R20 000!!!


My thanks to Cycling SA and Hollard for doing this for us, members of Cycling SA.

Sjoerd Douwenga (Treasurer of Sedibeng Cycling)