Cycling esports was officially approved as the newest discipline in cycling at the UCI Congress in September 2018 and was the first virtual sport to be awarded official discipline status by an International Governing Body. 

Zwift and the UCI are now closely collaborating to develop cycling esports – a sport that combines the virtual and the physical, is equal across gender, accessible to all, and most importantly, fun.

There are over 180 esports competitions every day hosted on the Zwift platform, alongside year-round elite competitions. Recently, the delivery of the inaugural Virtual Tour de France in July 2020 provided a historic moment in the development of the discipline, showcasing Cycling Esports to over 14 million people around the world.

With over two billion gamers in the world, the growth of esports is on a collision course with traditional sports disciplines. Through cycling esports, the UCI and Zwift aim to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds by creating sporting experiences that are fun to play, and viewing experiences that are fun to watch. 

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CyclingSA is calling on interested volunteers to contact the Secretary General to create a new eRacing Commission who will work closely with our Commercial as well as Sport and Technical Team to develop comprehensive national leagues and championships for all categories.

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The 2022 UCI Esport World Championships will take place this Saturday, 26 February and will feature top cycling esports athletes from around the world, including some of the biggest names in women’s cycling, and defending women’s champion, Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio.

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