Safety remains paramount for cycling in South Africa

Cycling South Africa has received a phenomenal response from you, the cyclist, regarding the cycling danger zones in the country.

The objective of requesting your feedback regarding cycling accidents and incidents is assisting us in plotting national hazard areas both on road and off the road. As we continue receiving your information, so we are plotting the info on a national map.

We are working on launching an interactive national map soon, whereby cyclists can log in and upload information of recent danger areas. This will not only help locals from the areas mentioned, but most certainly raise awareness for visitors to the area too.

With the current data received, it is very clear that the yellow line not necessarily means that you are safe on the road whilst cycling. There have been numerous reports of traffic driving in the yellow lane, skimming close when passing cyclists, and taxis coming to a halt to offload or pick up passengers right in front of cyclists. We appeal to cyclists to please remain vigilant at all times during your ride.

Accident specialist Craig Proctor-Parker heads Cycling SA’s Safety Commission. Craig is establishing strategic plans and communicating with relevant authorities to try and make cycling, in all its forms, safer.

Craig is doing a comprehensive 45-minute PowerPoint presentation on cycling safety, covering all aspects of safety, including helmets, clothing, visibility, sighting (day night riding), what the law says and requires, hand signals and street riding and bicycle check; with various clips to highlight these factors.

Craig does this as a proactive public service in his personal capacity, to any cycling club that wants it. Interested clubs can contact Craig’s secretary on 031 309 5327 to book this service.*

Please continue sending any information you may have regarding cycling accidents, cycle hijackings (bike-jackings), or any other concerns for cycling safety to assist us in compiling our accurate list at a national level. Your personal details will remain confidential, but location and incident information will be of great use to us. Email, or tweet us (@Cycling_SA) or post on Facebook (Cycling South Africa).

A basic guide to cycling safety for cyclists and motorists is available on our website by clicking here.


* The club simply has to pay Craig’s out-of-pocket expense i.e.: fuel for travel to the location. Craig is based in Durban.