Cycling “HOTSPOT” list of areas of concern in South Africa

In an attempt to publicise areas of concern to our members and all cyclists, we are gathering information and compiling a national “HOTSPOT” list. The focus is to record how cycling accidents happen so that we can create further awareness.

Please send any information you may have regarding cycling accidents, cycle hijackings (bike-jackings), or any other concerns for cycling safety to assist us in compiling an accurate list at a national level. Your personal details will remain confidential, but location and incident information will be of great use to us. Email, or tweet us (@Cycling_SA) or post on Facebook (Cycling South Africa).

We will be communicating areas of concern via our ever-growing social media channels, our website, and via communication to our membership database. We encourage you to follow us on these channels, and contribute toward cycling safety in South Africa.

Cycling SA reminds all cyclists and motorists to be vigilant and tolerant of one another, and to act responsibly on the roads. Cycling SA is cognizant that safety on the roads remains a huge problem, and is working hard to do whatever is possible to create awareness of cyclists on the roads.

Work on a master plan for cycling safety is well underway, and we remind all cyclists and motorists to be aware and display mutual respect for one another’s lives. We appeal to all cyclists to act responsibly whilst on the roads and to be responsible for their actions.

A basic guide to cycling safety for cyclists and motorists is available on our website by clicking here.