Attention all cycling clubs and all cyclists, please note the following:

  • The National Road Traffic Act is located as a free access;
  • It is law that all cyclists are to make use of a helmet and the necessary lights both front and rear on a bicycle when riding during evening hours, however preferably at all times;
  • Cyclists may not ride abreast of one another except in a brief situation where overtaking;
  • Cyclists are road users and therefore are to comply with all National Road Traffic Act requirements;
  • Cyclists are to treat stop streets and traffic lights as any other road user would;
  • Clubs are to ensure that all members are acutely aware of the fact that they need to comply with not only the indicated key factors above, however all road rules as set out in the act;
  • Clubs are to be aware that if they are making use of a “follow vehicle” that the necessary authority is obtained from both their local municipality, policing and any other rules and regulations as are set out pertaining to the use of such vehicles.