Celebrating Success: 2024 South African XCO and XCC Championships Recap

From May 3rd to 5th, 2024, Paarl, Western Cape, was abuzz with excitement as it hosted the South African XCC and XCO Championships amidst the picturesque backdrop of Spice Route. The vibrant atmosphere drew in numerous spectators, creating a truly memorable and family-friendly event.

Friday marked the start of the Championships with the XCC, a thrilling showcase of short, fast, and aggressive racing on the pump track. Despite the hot and dusty conditions, riders exhibited remarkable performances, with Alan Hatherly clinching victory in the Elite Men’s category and Candice Lill securing top honours in the Elite Women’s race.

Saturday, May 4th, saw a dramatic change in weather as cold, rainy, and windy conditions challenged riders on the track. Despite the adverse weather, competitors showcased grit and determination, resulting in intense racing. Luke Moir emerged victorious in the Under-23 Men’s category, while Tyler Jacobs once again asserted her dominance with a commanding win in the Under-23 Women’s race.

Sunday, May 5th, witnessed the 30+ age group categories vying for the coveted title of SA National Champion under pleasantly surprising, beautiful weather. Eben Espach claimed victory in the Grand Master Men’s category, with Pieter Matthysen in the Master Men, Donovan Le Cok in the Veteran Men and Dominic Calitz in the Sub Vet Men.  Shauna Esmeyer triumphed in the Master 30+ Women’s division. The Championships concluded on a high note with sprogs and nippers delighting in a Fun Race around the XCC course.

A total of 280 riders, ranging from 8 years to an impressive 71 years old, participated in the Championships, reflecting the inclusive and diverse nature of the event.

One of the most encouraging aspects of the Championships was the significant turnout in the youth and Junior categories, signalling a promising future for XCO – Cross Country Olympic cycling in South Africa. This burgeoning talent pool lays a strong foundation for the sport’s growth in the years ahead.

Reflecting on the event, MTB Director Paola Damilano expressed gratitude to Balwin Sports for sponsoring the Championships and to Paarl Trails for hosting the event and designing an exceptional track. The track’s perfect balance between testing riders and accommodating non-professionals contributed to the overall success of the Championships.

 Full Results below:



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