Call for Nominations – BMX National Selectors


Cycling South Africa’s BMX Commission calls for nominations for National Selectors:

Requirements for a BMX Selector:

  • Selectors must be willing to abide and conform to the “Selectors’ Code of Conduct”;

  • Selectors must be available to attend all “Selection” race meetings;

  • Selectors must be available to serve the full term of office of two years;

  • Selectors who have at least five years involvement in the sport and have been active in local and national events in an official capacity, or a rider at this level, or being actively involved in the running and administration of the sport, will be given preference on application;

  • Selectors must have the ability to apply selection criteria fairly, objectively and consistently;

  • Selectors’ integrity and ethics in the application of selections are impeccable.

Please submit a detailed CV to Margot Gerber by email: by no later than Wednesday, 20 March 2019.