SA athletes head to BMX Worlds

South African BMX specialists are headed off to Rockhill, South Carolina to represent the country in the BMX World Championships in from 23 to 30 July, 2017.

The South African riders taking part in the BMX World Championships are:

Wayne Beadsworth
Marco Cherti
Jonnathan Chislett
Lauren Amy Coetzee
Grant Dekker
Justin Dekker
Kyle Dodd
Dylan Eggar
Jarod Ellse
Georgina Grassie
Brent Johnson
Andrew Kilian
Tyler Klumper
Alex Limberg
Manqoba Madida
Miyanda Maseti
Deagan McCallum
Ben Menges
Colin Menges
Tyler Posthumus
Andrew Posthumus
Braden Schutte
Jasper Arlo Schweppenhauser
Connor Terblanche
Liam Terblanche
Tyrone Verrall
Dirk Uys
Kita Uys

The UCI BMX World Championships will be hosted in the USA for the first time in over 15 years. The event is expected to see over 3000 amateurs and an estimated 300 professional BMX athletes from over 40 nations.

The Novant Health BMX Supercross Track boasts a 10.7 metre initial elite jump for speed, and was modelled based on similar elements as those of the 2008 Beijing Olympic track.

We wish all the riders taking part every success and a wonderful time abroad.

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