Teagan O’Keeffe’s World Champs dreams dashed (NED)

South African BMX star Teagan O’Keeffe has had her World Champs dreams dashed when she crashed in the practice round at the 2014 UCI BMX World Championships, currently underway at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, last night.

O’Keeffe, a Kloof resident from KwaZulu-Natal, had a bad crash when she lost control on the landing of her first jump on the challenging championship track. Teagan was taken to hospital where it was suspected that she might have punctured lungs, but it turned out to be broken ribs.

“I asked her what happened – she said she was having such fun during training and feeling really good on the track and the next thing she woke up and all she remembers is seeing Thomas, her coach’s face,” said her mother, Dawn O’Keeffe.

This year’s event marked her 10 years of competing in the BMX World Champs. In 2004, she got her first world number (4) in Holland as a 10-year-old. “She had trained so hard and was determined to do well here, which makes it all the more disappointing,” added Dawn. “I’d like to extend my gratitude to Kim Stiebel, the SA team manager, for staying with her and taking her to the hospital and keeping me informed.”

Teagan has withdrawn from the remaining heats in the World Champs.

Cycling SA BMX Commission Director, Margot Gerber, felt disappointment for Teagan. “This is so disappointing for her. BMX is a cruel sport. She had been living in California for the early part of the season, but returned home to train at her local BMX Supercross track at Giba Gorge in preparation for this World Championship event. We wish her a speedy recovery.”

The 2014 UCI BMX World Championships will draw to a close on Sunday, 27 July.

Photo: craigdutton.com