Take the pledge and say "NO" to racism in cycling. There is no place for such racial behaviour in our sport and society. 
Cycling South Africa further reiterates its zero tolerance approach to racism in any sport.

Show your support and take the pledge in support of Anti-Racism in South African cycling.

“Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.
It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers.
It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.”
Nelson Mandela


The Anti-Racism Network of South Africa (ARNSA) is an alliance of organisations working to respond to racism in South Africa. The Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation facilitated the formation of ARNSA and currently serve as the secretariat.


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Maria Ceja
”And to find ways to defend people agains racist attacks, subtle comments that are racists. To find the words that are appropriate to fight against the injustice of treating people like they are less than because they are of a different color.”

Stelio Koukouzellis
”Sooooo tired of difference between human beings 🙌🏼”

Hanno VdMerwe
”I pledge to build the sport of cycling in such fasion as to not discriminate against race ; gender ; background or discipline!”

Wisani Ngobeni
”I say NO to racism, it's really limiting us.”

Timothy Blegenhout
"Racism has no place in South African Sport. #racismmustfall"

Shane Cox
"I pledge no to racism, it holds us back from the freedom we all desire and deserve!"

Mitchell Rose
"I pledge to ride to protest hate, the cancer that is strangling America."

John Ntuli
"Are we fighting for money, for powers or to live a better and healthier lifestyle? Why are we killing each other and hate each other like we do? Why don't we share things in this life so we all can be happy and help each other to live better lives? You cannot buy life with money and you cannot live forever because you have a lot of money. STOP RACISM AND HELP OTHERS IN NEED...NO,NO,NO TO RACISM."

Pieter Staal
"Treat others as you would like to be treated."

Kena Setshogoe
"Sport is a fantastic nation builder. Let's get our people united behind cycling, behind our nation and certainly behind and side by side with each other. I say no! to racism"

Matthew Buttle
"I say no to racism, I pledge that no matter what the occurrence, I will protect any person effected by racism"

Magdalene Nicholson
"Embrace diversity!"

Zac Weaver
"As a former cyclist who both raced and trained among riders that varied from club level to former Tour De France athletes, I can assert that not once did I ever experience even the slightest of attitude from fellow cyclists. As a biracial African America, I can't state enough how awesome it is to have witnessed MTN-Qhubeka's historical King of the Mountain win in the2015 TDF!! How cool is that?!!"

Phumzile Jnr Oliphant
"I pledge to be Anti-Racist in all sport activities I take part in"

Mohammed Uzair Bhamjee
"Sport Uplifts society while Racism degrades... Choose Wisely and make a difference"

Sharon Drude
"All people are equal no matter what their race. No to racism and hate speech"

Fusi Madela
"Racism has no place in our country nor in our sport. I am a 'race-ist' and, like Werner, the only 'race' that matters is the next one"

Izak van der Merwe
"Tired of it as it just holds back progress and dulls the enjoyment of something we all have in common across the board"

Shalini Naidoo
"I pledge to educate and bring positive awareness to different types of racisms"

Werner van der Merwe
"The only "race" that should ever matter, is the next one :)"

Shaun Forster
"No racism in sport and in SA"

Hermann Steyn
"NO to racism and hate speech in our sport and society."

Joe Mogotsi
"You cannot change what you refuse to confront"

Ted Sommerville
"Sport uplifts. Racism degrades. I choose to uplift myself and my fellow sportsmen."

Mark Friebus
"I am not black, I am not white. I am human."

Louis Strydom
"No to racism or any kind of discrimination"

Christo Herman Louw
"There is no place for racism in cycling"

Daki Nkanyane
"Let's all join hands to the promotion of cycling as green way of life and also a channel to create sustainable green jobs and end poverty in our communities."

Jan Bos
"I say NO to racism at all times!"

Marcus Mpofu
"We pledge ourselves to liberate all our people from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender and other discrimination."

Kopano Selwana

Colleen Hulscher
"We're all the same colour on the inside. Why should the outside matter? I say NO to racism, xenophobia and discrimination of all kinds"

Renda Johnson
"No To Racism And Hate Speech"

Deresh Pillay
"Racism sucks, I say no to racism, prejudice, xenophobia, etc"

Ncumisa Siko
"I say "NO" to racism, I rspect everyone and celebrate their success. i pleadge to be sensitive, to celebrate victory and to see no colour or gender in our sport."

David Mitchley

Abdulaziz Khan
"Racism is only splitting our country so we all can work as one in being friends an helping each other out in tournaments"

Kyle Walton
"I say NO to racism and hate speech in cycling and all other areas of life"

Lufuno Tshilongamulenzhe
"I pledge #NoToRacism in sports.we are one"

Omar Wilson
"I say NO to racism in any form, in sport or in any arena of life."

Lerato Nkoana

Andre Ross
"I stand against all forms of prejudice, especially racism."

Igsaan Mollagee
"NO to racism and all forms of discrimination"

Alex Mgadzah
"We can all do better. I'll play my part to increase the peace. "Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better." A. Camus"

Guy Watkins
"I say "No" to racism. One nation, one country, one people - no-one will tell us different!!"

Tour de Boland
"NO! to all forms of discrimination: culture, creed, denomination, race, socio-economic status, etc. Viva equality!"

Kerry Bruce
"This world is so beautiful and we're not here for long - there isn't enough time (in this lifetime at least) to be anything less than kind."

Tyrone Johns
"I say NO to racism, lets embrace the opportunity to unit through sport and build one country for all of us to flourish in. In the words of Nelson Mandela "Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. Sport can awaken hope where there was previously only despair." Lets all stand together and say NO to racism."

Marius Strydom
"Look beyond colour! Stop racism!"

Jennifer Gail Young
"I pledge to say No to racism in all walks of our society and condemn all forms of hate speech."

Les Eaglestone
"I pledge to say No to racism in all walks of our society and condemn all forms of hate speech."

Mylene Paynter
"I pledge and say NO to all discrimination particularly when it comes to sport and cycling. Sport is the ideal platform for people to unite."

Mthunzi Mdwaba
"Racism and any form of intolerance based on colour, culture,gender has no place in sport and in the greater society. I say No to destructive tendencies that seek to destroy all the hard work by our stalwarts such as Nelson Mandela, Ruth First, Oliver Tambo and others. I shall always be a part of constructing a world that recognizes the strength we derive from our difference and diversity!"

Tobias Johannes Janse van Rensburg
"I pledge to NO racism in any part of our society."

Dino Lloyd
"Sport's unite people, it's an equalizer and life changer on every societal level that builds bonds. There is zero place for any kind of prejudice!"

Jennifer Rowe
"Let all opportunities be awarded based on who is best for the job, regardless of race or gender."

Lindiwe Mehlape
"No to all types of discrimination in my beloved Country."

Ganief Dollie
"We are all children of God Almighty,keep the faith."

Lewis Roberts
"There's no place for hate or racism in our sport let alone the world, I pledge to make it a better place."

William Hawcroft
"I will not tolerate any form of racism in sport, their must be equal opportunity for all!! May the best man win !!"

Mohammed Uzair Bhamjee
"Let us all unite and together we can be strong. Remember we all have the same blood colour despite the colour of our skin."

Johan Moolman
"My dream is that we are all seen as and treated as equals in this glorious country of ours. No to racism in all its forms including xenophobia"

Andrew Geldenhuys
"In cycle racing the only thing that counts are results. In the words of Cadel Evans "one rider wins everyone else loses and next week we come back and do it all again.""

Glynis Kearney
"I pledge that I will not partake or tolerate any racism in our sport"

Dayne Dillon
"In Sports there is no thing a color only people who compete"

Glenn Fowler
"Our sport does not need racial divide. We are sportsmen first and foremost. Politics and racialism have no place in sport."

Martin Simon
"Let's ride together - young and old, black and white, male and female, fat and thin - enjoy the sport together. The wheels turn and so do our lives."

Chris Leonard
"God gave all of us talents to participate, if you use racism to disqualify anyone, are you really a champion?"

Themba Kaudi
"I pledge that I will not partake or tolerate any racism in our sport"

Rod Ehmke
"no to all forms of discrimination"

Wynand Kapp
"Life is too short enjoy cycling and be free to care for others"

Ntlanga Ngandi
"Stop racism and discrimination in Cycling and sport in general. Forward to a more cohesive and inclusive cycling and sporty society."

Kurt Alpers
"There is no need for racism....if the difference of another is an issue to you, take a look at yourself!"

Susan Hsu
"I pledge no to all racism!"

Mike Bradley
"I say no to racism, yes to social cohesion and creation of equal opportunity."

Liesel Retief
"All humans are 99.9% the same, at the level of our DNA sequences. Our skin colour is determined by a few melanin genes, a tiny, tiny percent of what makes up an individual. There is no correlation between melanin expression and a person's intelligence, ability, creativity or their humanity. I pledge to not let the most superficial marker of any individual on the planet or my own country come between us."

Gary Rowe
"Racism is a cowardly excuse - rather get to understand your differences and embrace the diversity!"

Gavin van der Merwe
"No to racism and discrimination."

Rhida Robbetze
"I pledge to treat all people with respect and make them feel loved"

Gavin Osborne
"May the best candidate always triumph, regardless of race, creed, colour, or religion."

Fionna Quinn
"Be fair guys! We are all in this together!"

Nadeem Marshman
"Racism is for loosers"

Johan Hartslief
"I agree to keep racism and hate speech from sport"

Bart Kooi
"Is it not sad that we still have to do things like taking pledges against racism. We should have been colour blind and blind for all other types of discrimination in any place and situation in our life. It is long time already to move on, we are all equal, all God's creation and if we are equal to Him, who are we do discriminate."

Jeanine J.v Rensburg
"There is no place for racism in sport. Let our mutual passion for cycling unite us"

Jan Labuschagne
"There is no place for racism in cycling or any other sport!"

Dewet Marais
"no racism anywhere"

Michael Potgieter
"We must unite as a nation."

Charles Roberts
"Sport is the one frontier where all men and women can participate on an equal footing. There is no room for anything that may be said, written, implied or construed that would seek to favour one individual or group at the expense of another. This goes for all sports including Cycling."

Ernest van Eck
"There is no place for racism anywhere! All are equal."

Vuli Nxumalo
"Racism must be buried, it destroys the future of our society."

Mark Potgieter
"Treat people they YOU wish to be Treated and Everyone is equal in the eyes of GOD."

Basie van Rensburg

Samuel Fourie
"There is no place for racist behaviour in this world. It should be rooted out in all spheres of life, including our beloved sport of cycling."

Alasdair Garnett
"I take the pledge for no racism in sport. Lets support the development programs that are essential to long term athlete development ultimately resulting in a greater depth of elite level athletes representing South Africa internationally."

Kyle Saffy
"Racism is a tool of the weak to try and make themselves feel better, there is no room for that especially on the road where the best man/woman will lead the way regardless of race."

Leendert Hillebrand
"May we all enjoy our sport, no matter who we are and may there be no racism at all!!!"

Mathew Waverley

Frederick Botha
"I believe cycling is a bridge builder that can bring all South Africans to unite as a proud nation."

David Neale
"I pledge that I will fight racism in cycling and in all forms of associations in life - but a sad situation that this needs to be done in the first place. Everyone is equal to me."

Jakes van Strijp
"SAD that we even need to make such a pledge - why can't we just be once nation, respect the uniqueness of each person and appreciate the contribution that everyone can make?"

Richard Durrant
"May the best cyclist win the race on equal terms!"

Tinus van Deventer
"I pledge to no rasicm in sport. We are all the same on the field of play, no matter what. I treat everyone with the same repect and dignity, to all my felow riders, take this plege, we can eredicate this evil tearing our nation apart. UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!"

Michael Baker
"We all turn the pedals the same way. Blood , sweat & tears are all the same what ever colour/gender or preferences Our sport offers a place were we can all be our best don't be a muppet & mess it up. Treat everybody with the respect you expect, be the one to make a difference."

Never everwill I sign this
"ask cricket sa about political interference"

Zaid Harris
There is no place for racism in cycling or any other sport!

Gavin Smith
"I pledge to keep racism, sexist and hate speech free from my life"

Lion Pienaar
"I say NO to any kind of racism!"

Bryne Forgey
"No forms of racism are acceptable in our sport. No race based actions whatsoever."

Prudence Pietersen
"I say NO to racism in all forms of societies."

Milesh Gopal
"Sport is for all."

Elise Kirsten
"'No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.' Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom"

Alexa Terblanche
"The world has enough anger and hatred in it! I say NO to racism in sport!!!!"

Hoosain Dawood
"I vow to stand against racism in sport and for a united healthier happier South Africa."

Paul Maas
"There is no place for Racism in any Sport"

Fadhl Solomon
"I SAY NO to RACISM full stop."

Petrus Ferreira
"Racism should have been in the past since the rebirth of the new South Africa. There is no place for it."

Grant Wood
"I say NO to Racism in sport"

Peter Guiducci
"Always say NO to racism!"

Alistair van der Avoort
"I say NO to Racism in sport"

Pieter Bezuidenhout
"Their is no place for racism in sport."

Johan Marnewick
"I believe there is no place for racism in any sport on earth. How can we strive for a better country, or world for that matter, if there is still any form of racism?"

Anneke Jones
"We are all equal and should at all times be treated with dignity and respect."

Naeem Akoojee
"Be United in Sport, and Free from Hatred and Racism - that's what will allow us ALL to EXCEL!!!"

Jenny Holland
"I pledge to keep racism out of sport"

Graeme van Zyl
"I support any activity that is impartial to gender, colour or social standing. Allow sport to be the fair playing field, where all can exercise the true nature of the human spirit."

Tebogo Ramasodi
"I pledge NOT to discriminate against anyone on the basis of their race , skin colour, religion, gender, political affiliation, citizenship, age and physical disabilities."

Henning Springer
"One country, one team! It is time to play and work together!"

Joyce Charles
"We are all South African no matter what we look like. One sport for all to enjoy."

Craig Markham
"Let cycling be an example to other sports. All are equal on two wheels."

Basil Daries
"Let us continue to associate cycling with the unique feeling of freedom & keep on the cycle path of NO TO RACISM"

Tarryn Kerr
"I pledge to keep racism and hate speech free from our wonderful sport. Every human - regardless of their race, gender or sexual orientation - is entitled to compete in our sport free from the subjectivity of stereotypes."

Lawrence Ausmeier
"I pledge to keep racism and hate speech free from out sport"

Jean Carte
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Then the world would be a happy place!"

Alex Becker
"God made all human beings in His own image...ALL human beings! We are all equal and I pledge to never look down on anyone because my Father created them!"

Janice Brisbane
"We are all equal before God - let us live that in all areas of our lives, including our sport."

Seamus ONeill
"I say no to Racism and no to xenophobia"

Johan Voigt
"no to racism in our sport and in life"

Nataniel Geyser
"I say NO to racism in sport"

Steven Forster
"Enough said"

Bennie van Niekerk
"cycling for all."

Paul Rose

Aadil Kajee
"let cycling motivate and unify us as a country"

O'Ryan Bruintjies
"We all need to live true values ie Respect ,Integrity,Exellence and Stewardship.No to racism!!"

Warren Clark
"We are living in a world filled with so much anger and hatred towards our fellow humans.......May God come into your lives and show you all that Love is the answer to everything.....!"

Neto Smith
"We are Africans no amount of hate or discrimination will change the situation we currently experiencing in our country witg our current government, all we can do is to stand together as Africans. No child i born another due to skin colour or language. My fellow Africans let's stand together."

Andrew Koen
"I say no to all forms of racism"

Steve Livingstone
"No place for Racism anywhere in our country, live the Madiba legacy"

Brian Jensen
"I say NO to racism in sport!"

Selwyn Andrews

Laubscher Buckle
"Say NO to RACISM!!!"

Debbie Fermor
"I pledge keep racism and hate speech free form our sport and also to treat those that I encounter in my adventures on my bicycle as I would wish to be treated."

Godfrey O'Connor
"No space for racism in any sphere of society."

Arshad Mahomed
"Sport to unite all. There is no place for racism."

Elsie van Biljon
"No to racism in life!"

Nuno Trocado
"I pledge for cycling"

Dirk van der Walt
"I ask all South African cyclist to say no to racism"

Pieter Onderwater
"There is no place for racism, not in cycling, not in sport, not in society. All people are equal no matter race, gender, age, whatever."

Truan Haskell
"Racism has no place in our society. Brings absolutely NO good!!"

Alesseandro Dinino
"Cycling is a Sport just like any other and you'll always get racist remarks that get people angry. My pledge is to keep it Away from the sport. And if they do say bad things fine them."

Suzan Bowman
"There is no place for racism in cycling or in life!"

Spike de la Rey
"There is no place for racist behaviour anywhere. A persons race should never be a consideration for or against him or her wrt anyone else. We are all equal and should at all times be treated with dignity and respect. I pledge to uphold the values of honesty, integrity and respect at all times."

Elsie Morkel
"No matter the colour of your skin, religion,or back ground, it is time to value "life" and take care of each other, there is no time for racism in sport or anywhere else. We are all human and should "VALUE THE LIFE OF ANY OTHER PERSON" Respect one another and respect sport!!! NO TO RACISM..."

Henk Cloete
"Strange how only people "outside" a sport see the racism.... others just enjoy the sport..."

Alf Bennett
"Let's make cycling an example to others in our country and ride in unity!"

Moses Venceslau
"Equal opportunity for everybody."

John de Carvalho
"We should not even have to discuss this - it should just be so - NO racism in any sport nor in any other activities."

Alexis Scholtz
"I pledge to keep racism and hate speech free from out sport"

John Read
"I ride with the view that all South Africans must be able to enjoy the sport as equals since our mutual love for this Country should have no bounds."

Doug Hill

Ishmael Booley
"cycling has no place for rascim."

Jan Louwies
"God created us all equal"

Frank Truter
"Racism does not create a happy society. It breaks down a human that is flesh and blood like everybody else and creates a social stigmata of where some people think they are better than others. We are all equal and should respect that. Skin colour does not change the fact that we all bleed red."

Martin Volkwyn
"I pledge to keep racism and hate speech free from our sport"

Joao de Abreu
"Sport is for everyone participation must be totally free."

Gerald Francis
"Cycling has no place for racist."

Sjeanette Viljoen
"All are equal"

Marthinus Nicolaas Naude
"we are all equal in the eyes of God I pledge to carry it through to all my sport"

Mohamed Bassa
"There is NO place for Racism. RACISM = BARBARISM"

Athian Labuschagne
"Everybody should be given the opportunity to excel at the sport of their choice through their hard work and determination, and not through the color of their skin."

Dave Millard
"Say NO to RACISM in Life."

Steve Bainbridge
"As cyclists, as sports loving people of South Africa lets show our politicians that no laws or regulations are necessary for us to play and work together. This is our country and together we will make it work."

Janeil Davis

Deon Eyssen
"should i ever encounter this type of behavior in or out side of cycling I will do my best not to retaliate and hope that my actions towards to perpetrators change their views."

Stephen Bagnall
"No racism in sport for all colours and creed."

Ganief Solomon
"I grew up in a cosmopolitan environment. I have a very mixed family. Colour has for 64 years of my life never been a problem for me. I now grow old in a democracy. I whole heartedly say no to any form of racism in any sport."

Lisa Zinn

Connie Haupt
"Ek onderneem om my bes te doen om alle rassisme en haatspraak te beveg in sport en ander terreine van die lewe."

Terry Youens

Gregory van Heerden
"In sport as in life the only measure of a person is their actions, so I ask you all to act against racism in all facets of society and ensure that the example we set inspires our peers and children to never judge a person based on the colour of their skin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or the country they are from."

Klaus Wiemann
"I say no to racism in all walks of Life"

Zaakier Jacobs
"Cycling for one and all. Riding a bicycle should never be about race and ability. It only takes two legs and in certain cases, two arms, and there you go with turning the cranks!"

Geoff Botes
"Racism has no place in sport and society in general"

Jandre van Jaarsveldt
"Your race should not determine the type of athlete you are and with that being said. We must promote young cyclists Black or White to participate in the sport, because they are our future sports mens and ladies."

Kobus Viljoen
"I support that any kind of racism should be kept out of sport."

Erich Niemand
"Hiermee beloof ek om te alle tye al ons rasse te aanvaar as ons eweknie en enige rasse onderskeid te ignoreer. Ons is almal boorlinge van dieselfde Land Suid Afrika en is geregtig op dieselfde respek, eerlikheid en integriteit."

Greg Morris

Mark Saunders
"Cycling is a sport for all who don't dope, irrespective of race, colour, gender or nationality."

Daryl Sher
"Cycling brings all races & genders together. I support a better world and more patience through the sport of cycling."

Zakkie Pretorius
"I say no to racism in all walks of life."

Burl Samuel
"As a PAD (previously disadvantaged ) South African ,who experienced rejection ,and humilatiom first hand ,I totally support this campaign"

Ernest Liddell
"Sport is the best way to unite a country. Respect yourself and you will respect others no matter what Race, Color or Creed."

Andre Schutte
"I belong to both a cycling club and kayak/surfski club and we have an anti-racism approach in both clubs."

Johan Nicol
"If you are a cyclist, you are family."

Andrew Mclean
"I say No to Racism!"

Wayne Kreunen
"Cycling is a sport for everyone keep it that way. Racism has no place in sport so keep it that way as well."

Charles Young
"I pledge to set the example through sport."

Lynne Larsen
"In the words of Madiba: "No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite." I take this pledge for the sport I love and for equal opportunity for all cyclists."

Khalid Galant
"Cycling is a sport for everyone. No race, gender or cultural group has priority on our roads or trails."

William Newman
"Cycling SA views any form of racism or hate speech in a very serious light. There is no place for racist behaviour in our sport and society. Cycling SA further reiterates its zero tolerance approach to racism in sport and in all walks of life. No person should be subjected to any discrimination and humiliation whatsoever. We are all equal and should at all times be treated with dignity and respect. I pledge to uphold the values of honesty, integrity and respect at all times."