UCI regulations relating to “SPORTING SAFETY AND CONDITIONS”

It is critical that each cyclist takes care of his/her physical condition and is attentive to health and safety risks, as highlighted by the UCI Regulations document specifically pertaining to Sporting Safety and Conditions (Part 13).

Each team that takes part in cycle races should continuously ensure that its team members are in proper physical condition to engage in the rigors of cycling, as well as to practice the sport under safe conditions.

With regard to the ban on injections section on page 8 of the document, particular reference is toward injections aimed at improving and speeding up recovery and decreasing fatigue. The document highlights the prohibition of the use of injections without a clear and recognised medical indication.

Special reference must be paid to paragraph 13.1.065: In case of a local injection of glucocorticosteroids, which is subject also to the Anti-Doping Rules and the Prohibited List, the rider must rest and is prevented from competing for 8 days. The medical doctor having prescribed the injection shall prescribe this rest in writing to the rider and add to the documentation referred to in article a copy of such prescription signed by him/herself and the rider.

In efforts to emphasise the cyclist’s health and safety, it is important that the mandatory 8-day rest period is adhered to, as stipulated by the medical doctor.