Cycling SA Statement following SAIDS press release re: Testing Results Suspicious for EPO Doping

Cycling South Africa views the recent announcement by SAIDS regarding the results of the retroactive EPO (Erythropoietin) testing in a very serious light. The inconclusive evidence indicates that SAIDS could not charge any rider with an adverse analytic finding, but at the same time indicates evidence to suggest an area of concern.

Cycling South Africa with its zero-tolerance approach to doping views any hint of doping in a serious light and we will continue to work with SAIDS to improve our testing and education efforts in an effort to eradicate the sport of any doping infractions. We will definitely focus on the way forward with the following actions:

  • Education and awareness programmes with all our riders

           -  Adherence to a Code of Ethics

           -  Promote core values such as Fair play, Honesty and Integrity

           -  Promote a clean and healthy lifestyle

  • Continue our good working relationship we have with SAIDS to roll out these education programmes as well as strategising on smart and effective testing.
  • With the costs for testing being prohibitive, we will try and assist SAIDS by making funding available for more testing. We will engage with various role players in the sport to assist in this respect.
  • We welcome the additional measures taken by SAIDS where more cyclists will be included in the Athlete Biological Passport programme.
  • Members are encouraged to consult the SAIDS website ( for prevention measures and information sharing opportunities.
  • Encourage all our members to sign the “I play fair” pledge on the SAIDS website
  • Anyone with any information regarding doping is encouraged to report this on the “Report-doping-in-sport” link on the SAIDS website (
  • SAIDS publishes all offenders on their website
  • Ensure that all our riders have completed “True Champion or Cheat?”,  an educational programme on the UCI website:

Cycling South Africa reiterates its support for SAIDS and the work it does and will continue working with them to eradicate doping in our sport. We encourage all our riders to be ambassadors for a clean and healthy sport.

William Newman
Cycling South Africa