Impey’s provisional suspension lifted

Cycling South Africa reports that further to the anti-doping hearing which was conducted by an Independent Tribunal on 28 August 2014, Daryl Impey did not dispute the presence of Probenecid, a prohibited substance, in a sample collected from him at the South African Time Trial Championships held in Durban on 6 February 2014.

The panel however determined that Mr. Impey was able to prove that he bore no fault or negligence due to exceptional circumstances, and as such the provisional suspension placed on Mr. Impey is lifted with immediate effect.

Cycling South Africa respects the independence of the SAIDS process and respects the outcome. Cycling South Africa further reiterates its zero-tolerance approach to doping in sport and will continue working with SAIDS in the promotion of a drug-free sport via its awareness programmes and extensive testing.

All cyclists are urged to avail themselves of all the resources available to them to ensure a drug-free career in sport. In addition, all cyclists are advised to exercise extreme caution at all times with regards to any food and/or medical products they may come into contact with.