Adverse Analytical Finding – out-of-competition test

Cycling South Africa reports that notification was received from the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) on 31 October 2013 of an adverse analytical finding from a sample provided by Brandon Stewart in an out-of-competition test conducted on 07 July 2013. The analytical report confirmed the presence of the Anabolic Agent, Testosterone in his urine sample.

After being notified of the adverse analytical finding on 31 October 2013, Brandon contended that he had been in discussion with SAIDS regarding a Therapeutic Use Exemption(TUE). Cycling South Africa therefore referred the matter back to SAIDS who instructed Cycling South Africa to await the outcome of Brandon’s appeal against the denial of a TUE before any further action or pronouncements were made.

SAIDS have now concluded the TUE appeal process, and on 05 March 2014 announced that the SAIDS Appeal Tribunal dismissed the appeal lodged by Brandon Stewart. The SAIDS process relating to the adverse analytic finding charge against Brandon Stewart will now take its course.

The provisional suspension as communicated to Brandon Stewart in correspondence sent to him on 31 October 2013, remains in place.

Cycling South Africa respects the independence of the SAIDS process and will respect the outcome. Cycling South Africa further reiterates its zero-tolerance approach to doping in sport and will continue working with SAIDS in the promotion of a drug-free sport via its awareness programmes and extensive testing. All cyclists are urged to avail themselves of all the resources available to them to ensure a drug-free career in sport.