In consultation with several stakeholders within the cycling industry, Cycling South Africa has submitted a proposal in response to the request from National Government to assist in shaping Lockdown regulations relating specifically to cycling and the industry surrounding it.

The submission frames the conditions and practical solutions to address the role of bicycle transport and as a form of exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa.

Ciska Austin, President of Cycling South Africa, commented that: “The request was to only respond to level 4 restrictions by midday today, but we decided to take a more holistic view on all the lockdown restrictions since cycling’s ecosystem includes commuting, exercise, mass participation, retail and SMMEs, with all areas influencing each other.

We consolidated recommendations into one proposal taking into consideration all the areas we believe have been affected and how we will be able to manage it. Understandably there may be sectors who do not agree with our findings, but we believe this to be a holistic view in keeping within the government’s COVID-19 framework. Cycling South Africa hopes to discuss these initial recommendations with the government to refine the details.”

Though the proposal contains more details for Levels 5 down to Level 1, the recommendations made by Cycling South Africa for Level 4 are as follows:

Clause E.12 Wholesale and retail trade, covering stores, spaza shops, eCommerce and informal traders

  • Adapting the cycling retail and maintenance shops to be compliant with the government’s COVID-19 regulations.

  • Online orders and courier-based deliveries to customers. (retail, wholesale and eCommerce)

  • Additional measures to curb contamination and contracting.

Clause F.3  The addition of bicycle courier services as an essential service

  • Registered Bicycle Courier Services to be allowed to make deliveries.

Clause R     Personal Movement – Non-Motorised Transport 

  • Bicycle transport allowed

  • Use of masks compulsory

  • No groups larger than two are allowed, with strict social distancing applied except for those assisting the young or vulnerable. 

Clause R4   Personal Movement – Exercise

  • Bicycle transport for a limited distance only to the nearest shops for essential items, SASSA collection, medical assistance or essential service work commuting. 

  • Solo exercise within a radius of 20km from the residence.

  • Social distancing and the use of masks required.

  • No groups larger than two are allowed (as residing on the same premises), with strict social distancing applied except for those assisting the young or vulnerable. 

Clause R12 Personal Movement – Social Gatherings (Events) 

  • No recommendations for Level 4.


Cycling South Africa would like to thank all the affiliates and individuals who, under the tight deadline, worked swiftly to share their recommendations during this collaborative process.

Cycling South Africa will communicate any feedback from the National Government.

Download the full Cycling South Africa proposal here.



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