During recent weeks the President of CyclingSA, Ciska Austin, has outlined her proposed business model to bring about change in the South African cycling industry .  The foundation of this plan is to create stronger alliances and to overcome obstacles in an economic challenging environment. As such, CyclingSA is launching an initiative, ‘Innov8’ and calls for proposals and propositions from the wider cycling industry. 

Though not limited to the following areas of focus, CyclingSA requests proposals as well as propositions for partnerships or suggestions to perform better in terms of:

  • Membership

  • Sport and Technical  (all current and new disciplines)

  • Digital

  • Promotion of the sport 

  • Transformation

  • Development of youth

  • Capacity Building

  • New ventures and initiatives

At this point the federation will not be putting any specific terms or limitations on any proposals, but the President undertakes to notify the relevant parties should proposals for the same undertaking be received from different parties. This may require collective collaboration or, if not possible, a bidding process between the parties who have submitted the proposals.

Though this initiative will not close, a first review of all proposals, suggestions and propositions will be done for proposals received up until 25 April by the President and a committee as appointed by the Compliance and Advisory Board.   All proposals and propositions received will be responded to by 11 May.

Interested parties can email




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