Zika Virus update for 2016 Rio Olympic Games

For all those traveling to Brazil for the Rio Olympic Games and Paralympic Games – athletes, officials, families, supporters – please read this important updated notice from the World Health Organisation regarding the Zika virus in Brazil. Please read all of the documentation carefully as precautions are required before, during and after the Games.

Please see the latest advice from the World Health Organisation regarding Zika and health advice from the IOC that has been updated to reflect this. The advice is consistent with the previous travel and health advice circulated by WHO and the IOC, with the particular additional advice that upon return, travellers should continue to take precautions not to be bitten.

To the extent possible, all travellers should use personal protective measures such as insect repellent for at least three weeks after returning from the Games to avoid being bitten and potentially spreading the infection to other people through mosquito bites.



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