The Union Cycliste Internationale has developed a series of courses via its development department at the World Cycling Centre (WCC). The program aims to assist National Federations to develop their coaches and is designed to provide coaches with the opportunity to study and practice their coaching under the expert guidance of one of the selected WCC Experts. The course programs are designed to increasing levels of knowledge and expertise in all areas of coaching.

The UCI Level 1 Coaching Course is the entry qualification for coaches and focuses on the foundations of coaching. The knowledge that is gained on this course is fundamental to ensuring coaching is appropriate for the riders and for each cycling discipline. Coaches will learn the fundamentals of technique that is consistent in all cycling activities and how to deliver effective coached sessions.

CyclingSA is now accepting applications for any persons wishing to upskill their coaching abilities. This course is limited to 60 participants in total, divided into three groups. Group 1 will have access in October, Group 2 in November, and Group 3 in December 2021.

UCI Level 1 Online Coaching Course details:

  • Duration: 30 days.
  • Modality: PowerPoint and video presentations illustrating examples.
  • Modules:
    1. Introduction UCI WCC
    2. Ethics in cycling – code of conduct
    3. General knowledge about cycling
    4. Our bike
    5. Basic UCI regulations
    6. Basic cycling skills
    7. General coaching
    8. Coaching sessions & basic season planning
    9. The body and exercise
    10. WADA
  • Exam: Online 10 question multiple-choice exam written one week after completion of the course. 
  • Cost: R500 per person.
  • Minimum entry requirement: CyclingSA membership. (Available for purchase upon registration)
  • Closing date for applications: Wednesday, 15 September 2021 or once the limit of 60 participants has been reached.

Important information to take note of:

  • Participants have 30 days of access to the UCI ilearn platform.
  • Post-module quiz after each section. 
    • This quiz can be repeated as many times as required as participants see their score for the quiz after each module, and how many times they have done it.
    • The quizzes do not form part of the final exam and do not count towards the exam.
  • WADA registration and completion of the High-Performance Coaches’ Education Program on ADEL is a requirement for the final exam.
    • This module can be broken down into smaller sections and will take between 5 – 8 hours to complete.
  • The final exam will take place via a 30-minute video call with all participants. 
    • Video capabilities are required, and the pass mark is 85%. 
    • Should a participant fail the exam, the course will need to be repeated.
    • The exam date and time will be confirmed during the course.

For further information, contact Somi Thinga via email on s.thinga@cyclingsa.com


Ryan Gibbons

ROAD RYAN GIBBONS Elite Men’s National Team Member.  Facebook Instagram Name:  Ryan  Surname:  Gibbons D.O.B 1994/08/13 Current Team/Sponsor: Lidl Trek Place of birth: Johannesburg, GP

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Miyanda Maseti

BMX MIYANDA MASETI Elite BMX National Team Member. Instagram Name:  Miyanda Surname:  Maseti D.O.B 2005/07/26 Current Team/Sponsor: Leatt & Pho3nix Place of birth: Ugie, EC

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Alan Hatherly

MOUNTAIN BIKE ALAN HATHERLY Elite Men’s Mountain Bike National Team Member, Rio 2026, Toykyo 2020 Olympian Facebook Instagram Name:  Alan Surname:  Hatherly D.O.B 1996/03/15 Current

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