As the excitement of the Cycling World Championships engulfs Glasgow, we extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the volunteering team staff who are selflessly dedicated their time, skills, and passion to ensure the success of Team South Africa at this prestigious event.

“Volunteers are the unsung heroes of events like these, and their contributions often go unnoticed. We are immensely grateful for their dedication and enthusiasm, to assist our athletes and to give them opportunity to focus on their events and getting the best results possible,” said Qondisa Ngwenya President of Cycling South Africa.

Among these remarkable individuals is Ansophie Du Preez, the trailblazing first female mechanic representing Team South Africa at a World championships. Ansophie Du Preez is breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes, setting a remarkable precedent for women in the realm of sports mechanics. “The inclusion of Ansophie is a testament to our commitment to diversity, equality, and the recognition of talent beyond gender boundaries. Her presence not only symbolizes progress but also inspires countless others to pursue their dreams relentlessly,” said Ciska Austin, Chef d’Mission of the Cycling World Championships for Cycling South Africa.

Also part of Team SA are Sbusiso Thokosani Tembe from Giba Gorge, and Nolan Hoffman, whose name will not be new to many.  Having established his own little bike shop, “Sbu” will complement the team with his mechanical experience in both BMX and Downhill whilst Nolan had been appointed as the Manager of the two track cyclists during the championships.  “Nolan’s expression to become more involved in the development of the future talent fits in with the Cycling South Africa’s Aspire 28 vision and we are expediting his training to take on a bigger role”, said Ciska Austin, Chef d’Mission of the Cycling World Championships for Cycling South Africa.

Cycling SA express our sincere gratitude to all the Staff and Volunteers from South Africa and Britain that signed up to be Team Managers, Team Assistants and Mechanics for the hard work and selflessness that will be lying ahead during the next two weeks. 

Team Management and Staff:

  • Alasdair Garnett
  • Ansophie Du Preez
  • Ciska du Plessis-Austin
  • Clinton Orr
  • Darren Lill
  • Douglas Paterson
  • Duane Stander
  • Justin Victor
  • Kandice Venter
  • Lushano Forssman
  • Nicole Hollis
  • Nicole Shuttleworth
  • Nolan Hoffman
  • Paul Clarke
  • Paul Freeman
  • Sbusiso Thokosani Tembe
  • Tanya Harford
  • Travis Goveia
  • Lance Stephenson
  • Dellah Paul (non-traveling)
  • Qondisa Ngwenya
  • Ciska Austin


As the Cycling World Championships is about to start, we encourage everyone to cheer on the athletes and show their support for the incredible staff who make this event a resounding success. Be sure to follow Cycling SA on social media for all event updates.




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