Eddy Hoole Sanctioned after Zwift Continental Qualifiers.

Sanctioning imposed on Eddy Hoole following the Esport Continental Qualifiers.

Cycling South Africa acknowledge and recognize the Tier 3 sanction, which represents “Bringing the sport into disrepute” imposed on Eddy Hoole. This sanction entails a six-month suspension from all events held under the Zwift Cycling Esports Rules and Regulations.  The sanction comes after Eddy’s recent result at the European and African Zwift Continental Qualifying race held on Sunday 13 November 2022.

Eddy won race one (Scratch) of the continental Qualifying event by breaking away from the pack and thus securing an automatic entry to the start line at the Esport World Championships. Following this performance, Eddy was contacted by the Zwift Accuracy and Data Analysis Group (ZADA) and informed that an investigation would take place to verify his performance.

After the investigation by ZADA, he was found guilty of manipulating Power Data resulting in a 25% higher power reading than actual and the use of signal jammers for the actual power reading not be picked up in Zwift, amongst other things.

Cycling South Africa has a zero Tolerance policy to any form of cheating in order to ensure fair play in competitions. This is at the core of our responsibilities as a governing body. Cycling South Africa is with immediate effect, instituting its own disciplinary process, which include engagement with the UCI, based on the UCI Cycling Esports Regulations.

Cycling South Africa subsequently imposes a suspension of the rider’s license from all cycling disciplines while the investigation is in process.




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