Cycling South Africa removes restricted gearing for all youth riders.

Cycling South Africa Scraps restricted gearing for youth categories.

Youth Cyclists will no longer be restricted in their gear selection. In line with the changes being introduced by the UCI for 2023, Cycling South Africa will follow these regulations and remove all Youth gear restrictions for road races with immediate effect allowing all youth riders to select their own gearing for the remainder of the season.

Previously, UCI regulations 2.2023 stated that “the maximum gear ratio authorised is that which gives a distance covered pedal revolution of 7.93 metres”

That measurement limited junior riders to gearings such as 51 / 52 x 14 or 53 x 15, but the 17- and 18-year-olds will now be free to select “adult” gearings such as 53 x 11. The same rule applies for the younger age categories and all youth riders will be able to choose their own gear selection.

Cost and availability of restricted gearing is a limitation and increased barrier of entry for newcomers to the sport, Cycling South Africa hopes that by eliminating this rule it will help give younger riders easier access to the racing scene.

International benchmark confirmed that other federations will also or has already removed gear restrictions for youth cyclist and we must be aligned, this will allow our youth athletes to be on a “level playing field” with other nations should they wish to compete internationally.



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