Celebrating Success: Cycling South Africa Shines at the 2023 All African Games

The 2023 All African Games, hosted in ACCRA, Ghana in 2024, saw the gathering of 3500 athletes across diverse disciplines. Many viewed this event as their final opportunity to secure qualification for the Paris Olympic Games. The chance to represent one’s country is a profound privilege and a dream realized for these athletes, and they were determined to honour it to the fullest extent.

 Despite facing unforeseen circumstances that led to a reduction in our team size, we embarked on this journey with a group of 8 talented riders, comprising both Elite and U23 categories as required for entry into different races.

Over the course of 8 days, our riders competed in 6 challenging events, ranging from road races to team trials, and a mixed relay time trial. Battling not only tough competition but also scorching temperatures averaging 40 degrees, our team displayed unwavering determination and unity.

With delayed starts for many events, our riders faced tough conditions. Yet, they embraced the true spirit of cycling, exhibiting remarkable teamwork and selflessness. Despite having only 3 days to ride together prior to the events, they prioritized the team’s success over personal achievements, executing race strategies flawlessly.

Though challenges like crashes and stiff competition tested their resilience, our team persevered. While narrowly missing out on some gold medals, they proudly adorned the podium with numerous silver and bronze accolades, making podium pictures our hallmark for the week.

Highlights from the Games:

  • Gold Medals (Men):
    • Dillon Geary: 1st in U/23 Individual Time Trial (ITT) and Road Race (RR)
  • Silver Medals (Men):
    • Dillon Geary: 2nd Overall in ITT and RR
    • Men’s Team Time Trial (TTT)
  • Bronze Medals (Men):
    • Blaine Kieck: 3rd in U/23 Criterium
    • Brandon Downes: 3rd in ITT
  • Gold Medals (Women):
    • Hayley Preen: 1st in RR and Criterium
  • Silver Medals (Women):
    • Anika Visser: 2nd in U/23 Criterium
    • Women’s Team Time Trial (TTT)
  • Bronze Medal (Women):
    • Lucy Young: 3rd in ITT
  • Silver Medal (Mixed):
    • Mixed Relay Team

Total Achievements:

  • 4 Gold Medals
  • 6 Silver Medals
  • 3 Bronze Medals

The outstanding performance of our riders at the All-African Games is a testament to their dedication and talent. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to both the riders and the staff who travelled with them for their hard work and commitment. Their achievements inspire us all and reaffirm our belief in the power of teamwork and perseverance.


Ryan Gibbons

ROAD RYAN GIBBONS Elite Men’s National Team Member.  Facebook Instagram Name:  Ryan  Surname:  Gibbons D.O.B 1994/08/13 Current Team/Sponsor: Lidl Trek Place of birth: Johannesburg, GP

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Miyanda Maseti

BMX MIYANDA MASETI Elite BMX National Team Member. Instagram Name:  Miyanda Surname:  Maseti D.O.B 2005/07/26 Current Team/Sponsor: Leatt & Pho3nix Place of birth: Ugie, EC

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Alan Hatherly

MOUNTAIN BIKE ALAN HATHERLY Elite Men’s Mountain Bike National Team Member, Rio 2026, Toykyo 2020 Olympian Facebook Instagram Name:  Alan Surname:  Hatherly D.O.B 1996/03/15 Current

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