Winds of change at Cycling South Africa

Cycling South Africa hereby notifies our members, that during the Elective AGM held on the 1st February 2020 in Johannesburg, the General Assembly elected a new President and Vice President to serve their terms for the next four years.  Whilst the current Treasurer Mr Andre du Toit was re-elected in his position. 

Mrs Ciska du Plessis-Austin is the first female President of the Federation with Kevin Green from Paarl as Vice President.   This is also the first time a representative from the Boland has been elected into the top two positions at CyclingSA.

Our new President presented her proposed strategy for the next four years which will focus on seven key business and development units.   Her vision is to better align all the parties involved in cycling and bring into being a united front.   

The General Assembly unanimously agreed to rejuvenate the ‘club system’ and the role the Provincial and Regional affiliates play in the value chain offered to members and event organizers. As such this will be another focus area around which to build supporting administration and develop the sport.  

CyclingSA aims to create more champions and future heroes and Austin’s proposed strategy includes a focus on a clearer talent development pathway within a stronger positioned sporting structure. This will run parallel to a National development and capacity building program incorporating the involvement of all nine provinces which will also better align with the transformation charter of our Government.

Following her election, Austin commented that: “Accepting this position and undertaking the task at hand will take some time to align and roll-out.  The sports industry has changed, and we will now change with it.  I am worried about the digital craze amongst the youth and the resulting decline in their participation numbers. It is a concern for all sports, but we will endeavour to make cycling in all its forms more attractive.”

As Austin will finish her Master’s Degree in European Sports Governance this April, she comes to the fore with a very strong commitment to putting in place more robust governance principles and financial austerity measures.  In line with this, her motion to the General Assembly to establish an Independent Compliance and Advisory Board (The CAB), to guide and oversee legal, financial, ethical and disciplinary matters received unanimous approval, and will be made up of the following members; Andre du Toit Federation Treasurer, Julian Cox, the Disciplinary Commissioner from Kwa-Zulu Natal , Pieter Aucamp, an advocate from North-West, Piet van Niekerk, a senior advocate from Gauteng, Attorneys Ayanda Kheswa from the Eastern Cape and Gert Fouche, an avid cyclist who still holds the current hour record in South Africa and the World Record for his age group from Gauteng North as well as a potential three more members with experience in financial and commercial business management.




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